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Costume Party on Thursday!!

cindi o'h

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Hey everyone... guys and gals...

You have some time to prepare for the costume party. I will tell you that it is going to be a whole lot of fun!!

I want each of you to dress up as your FAVORITE DISEASE or MEDICAL TREATMENT...!

hint: I am going to be working in my costume. It is D and C... (dilation and curettage) otherwise known as dust and clean. I will have my glad rags on and be pushing my garbage container on wheels loaded with my spray bottles and other essentials.

My date is coming as ELEPHANTITIS OF THE LEFT NUT... he will be wearing a brown 16 gallon garbage bag filled with packaged peanuts strapped to his thigh... poor guy...must be rough.

Think about who you want to come as and get your costumes ready... I hope we can have some fun costumes. There may be prizes involved.. trip to the Mayo Clinic, one to John's Hopkins and MD Anderson. Those are the grand prizes. There will also be other boobie prizes...

Thursday morning I will post some of the other details.

love, Cindi o'h

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Dee... you are right ..

Donna. you are gettin' it.

Ry.. you can't lose something you never had...!

See you on Thursday. I'm pouring. We have so much to celebrate...good news, good doctors and nurses, good hospitals, good friends... life. However it comes it is so dang precious. Every moment.

So....are you thinking of your costume? The needles and threads out?

love, Cindi o'h

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I think I'll come as a wicker satchel - a "Basket Case"! (Wait, that's Cindi's idear....lol)

..and without sewing a stitch, I can be a hemmorhoid (now, WHY aren't those called "asteroids"??)

Mix me a drink called the Preparation H, darlin'!

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Hey Beck....that's TWO costumes....cuz if you're a hemorrhoid, you're also a pain in the @$$, aren't you? :D Not necessarily a medical condition or treatment....but close enough, eh?

Dang....does it HAVE to be a disease or treatment? I was gonna just show up naked with a raisin in my bellybutton so I could be an oatmeal cookie! I would never do this on my birthday, though (which happens NOT to be Thursday) or you guys'd tell me my birthday suit needs ironing!

Ba-dum-bum! I'll be here all week, folks!! :wink:

Okay....now that I've cleared the room....let's see....what shall I be on Thursday? Hey....I've got two mutts here and am - more often than not - covered in a mixture of black and golden dog hair. Since both dogs have a little retriever in them.....I could just come "as is" and be.........




...................Lab work!! Huh? Huh? Would that suffice?


You can just serve my drinks in a stainless water dish....ok?

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