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Question about food


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I have never heard for sure of any foods to avoid. But, many people lose their appetite or their taste buds go screwy while undergoing treatment.

Most often, we caregivers do everything we can think of to get our loved ones to eat anything. It is a good idea to have Boost or Ensure or Carnation Instant Breakfast on hand.

I used to make an Ensure Plus and ice cream milkshake to get a lot of calories into my husband.

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I had gone to a diet seminar while undergoing treatment. The speaker was reg. dietician. It was very informative and current in the science of diet in the role of different kinds of cancer.

The speaker was Donna L. Weihofen and a gift for attending her seminar, we were each given her book. In the book, it is helpful because she addresses different problems that may come up. Also, she has 200 quick and easy recipes.

The name of the book is the Cancer Survival Cookbook.

She addresses these concerns in a comprehensive and easy to understand effort. She tells you what foods to enjoy and what foods to avoid based on what symptoms you may be having at the time.

some of the issues are ...

decrease in hunger.

I feel full after eating just a little

I have problems with nausea and vomiting

I get tired easily. I don't have much energy.

I can't stand the smell of food.

My mouth is extremely dry.

My throat and mouth are so sore.

I have a major problem with constipation.

I have a problem with diarrhea.

I am gaining too much weight.

Then she talks about herbal remedies and other things. This is probably not the only cancer diet book; I found it to be a useful tool.

The publisher is Wiley. wiley.com


any problems of the day that she may have, you can come here though, and someone will be able to give you suggestions from their own experience.

Try not to worry about this too much. Take it day by day. And try to get an honest appraisal from her as far as what she is experiencing and input on how to help her. Not everyone has problems with food and eating. There are many who do. Some problems change over the course of the treatment and illness.

good luck to you and to your Mom.

Cindi o'h

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My doctors told me to eat anything that I wanted. I couldn't do the Ensure or Carnation or any of those drinks because they are nasty tasting. My esophagus problems where severe and I had to force myself to eat (couldn't even do anything that was cold). My husband and mother went to the ends of the earth to get me any kind of food I would agree to eat.

Try to get the nutrician in but eat whatever will go down and stay down. That's what I did!

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protein is good for healing the damage done by radiation. Dave ate lots of cottage cheese, he likes it mixed with canned fruit. he also ate alot of tuna salad, and those ensure milkshakes that Ginny mentioned. his mom also makes protein smoothie shakes.

it's probably best to avoid refined sugars but Dave's doctors always told him to eat whatever he wanted to eat or felt like eating.


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Thank you all for your advice I appreciatie it! Mom just called she has had her second day of radation ( she get 2 treatments a day) and her first round of Chemo, said she feels great and had her appetite back. Sure hope it goes this easy for her for the rest of the treatments, although I realize she is just starting.

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I avoided anything acidic, like tomatoe sauce, orange juice, as those things hurt alot going down. I had a big problem with eating; stuck to plain foods, yogurt, Ensure, lots of Haggen Daz ice cream, nothing rough in texture which I counter acted with laxatives because after a while constipation set in. But I really think Ensure kept me going. No spicy foods, they burn going down.


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I had a problem eating everything. I was so burned up inside from twice a day rad I even had problems with swallowing water. My husband tried everything to feed me. We just donated all the ensure we had to the senior center. I hope your mum can drink liquids. I got a real good book on smoothies but they produced to much phlem for me. No problem eating now!!! I just don't eat as much. Good luck to you both.


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I received radiation one time a day for 6 weeks. I was told from the very start that I would end up with esophogus problems that people mentioned above. Every week they keep looking at me weird because it never happened for me. I was able to eat anything I wanted. I was told that after about 2 1/2 weeks it may begin to be a problem but everyone was different.

I definetly use the advise that have given you above, but I would also just to ask your mom what she feels like eating and make some of her regular favorite foods while she isn't having any problems. You get pretty tired during radiation and it is nice to have a favorite food for comfort.

Good luck to your mom in her journey, I will be hoping that she doesn't experience side effects!


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