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Do we have reason to worry?


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Hi All,

Joel has been having back pain for awhile now. The surgery was back in December, but he said it is not that type of hurt from when he was cut. He has this everyday, can't seem to get rid of it. It seems to be the muscle, but he is not sure. He is starting to worry a little bit. That I don't like, as he is feeling good, and doing so well.

He lost so much weight from the thyroid problem that you could actually feel the bones in his back. Could this pain be contributed from not having the muscle tone? Otherwise he feels great.

He has an appointment next week with his endocrinologist and then we were going to get back in touch with his Oncologist to set up the CT since it will be 3 months since the operation and hopefully set up the appointments for the Chemo.

Another question, when they do the CT, besides the chest, abdomen and pelvis, can they also add the back??



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I don't have a clue what the pain could be, BUT I think once you have been dx'd with cancer, every little twitch and itch is scary.

What would I do. Call the onc. It is the old better safe than sorry story.

Now that he is feeling better, he could be overextending himself which could be one cause of many causes that have nothing to do with lc.

Keep us posted.

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Hi Maryanne.

It does sound like he needs a thorough evaluation.

I have had my share of back problems also. Some docs are better than others at evaluating. For a good general evaluation, I would not hesitate to use a physiatrist. I had very good experiences with them. They have achieved a high level of training in neurology and physical medicine. They have such a comprehensive education. This is not a common specialty, but one of the "hottest". I am sure there are physiatrists in your area. It might be worth your efforts to have him evaluated at this level.

Also, an MRI of the spine might be something that would be ordered. That is usually done if there is neuropathy... weakness, numbness, loss of function.

Always, the best to you and to Joel.

Cindi o'h

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