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my mom's RFA was scheduled for yesterday morning, but when they got her hooked up to the CT scan, they discovered several more lesions on her liver, so they had to cancel it.

She is still enrolled in a clincal trial - a vacine/gene therapy thing. But she can't have any more chemo until after she's had the three vacine doses. The first one is scheduled for Friday and then she'll have the other 2 at two week intervals. That will be followed by Taxol as a second line chemo.

This means 6 weeks before she has anything that will keep the cancer at bay. I'm SO uneasy with that. But the doctor says they've had extraordinary results in increasing the effectiveness of the second line chemo in patients who do the vacine first. And that they can't be given concurrently.

Any thoughts? And any information/experience on the Taxol?


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I don't know a thing about Taxol for SCLC, but I want to know about the vaccine trial she's in! Please give me the skinny on that, PM me if you prefer!

But I know what you mean about six weeks of doing nothing to keep the cancer at bay. I don't know what to say about that. but just have faith these docs pretty much know what they're doing.



and best of luck to your mom!

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