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I want to thank everyone for all of your kind messages. This is a painful journey and I cant tell you how much this site is helping me. I met with my Dads doctors. He has nsclc stage IV. I went into "ask the experts" with the CT results. My Dad did not want to start Chemo but I am slowing talking to him about it and hope he will re consider and go with me to see the oncologist again(saw pulmonologist and Radiologist). He is very weak but I have hope after the radiation he will feel much better. We are working to get him to eat more and making plans for some day trips he is looking forward too. I find the best thing is to keep making short term plans. He is very angry right now but I notice at the end of my visit he is calm and doing better. It takes everything I have to keep him up.......I just wish I could help him fight this terrible disease. All of your stories give me alot of hope which I have been passing onto him.

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Dear Nancy,

I know this is a decision that only your Father has a right to make. I would like to share a little of my experience with you that if passed on to him may help. I always swore that I would never have chemo if I turned up with cancer. Now I find myself in stage 4 nsclc & I've not only completed 1 round (6 mos.) of chemo, as of today, I done a second set of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery on brain mets. Treatment for cancer & what had previously been life threating side effects has come such a long way since the days when I swore I'd never put myself through the treatments. I would have never believed how much easier it is to fight than I had anticipated. I'm not saying it is a breeze by any means, but it is certainly not the horror that it was years ago. I pray for you & your Father daily that God will guide him in his decision but I really hope he will consider the huge advances that have been made. If he finds it is too much for him, he can always stop but he can't go back & do treatments that were not done.

Hugs & prayers,


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Hi Nancy,

I'm behind in keeping up with posts, so I don't even remember if I welcomed you. If not - WELCOME!

I sure can't say anything better than what Melanie said:

If he finds it is too much for him, he can always stop but he can't go back & do treatments that were not done.

God bless you, your dad and your whole family.


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