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my 5 for 3/3/5


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1) that my scale didn't go up after too many jelly beans for the WW coach to detect.

2) hot tea on a 7 degree day

3) heated socks

4) a new pen someone gave me today with a tiny snow globe on top with Mickey mouse in it (absolute pen freak here)

5) good odor eaters after 14 hours in stockings at work.

**any ladies out there have this stinky feet at work problem here. we have a club at work, no one wants it to be known that they are a member but we all are. if we can put a man on the moon, why can't we make ladies stocking/shoes that don't make our feet sweat/stink??

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5) My stats project will be done tomorrow. (How it will be done by tomorrow is another question ....)

4) I lost one more pound last week even though I didn't have the most discipline.

3). My parents are keeping Katie this weekend ....

2) so that I can go camping with a bunch of widow(er)s (and one really hot one in particular ...) and get away from it all for a couple of days.

1) I woke up this morning to the bluest eyes in Texas asking me to pour milk in her Kix.


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Here are mine and I love thinking of 5 things about which to be grateful:

1. Going to dinner tonight with 2 good friends

2. Boss on vaca, had turkey lunch with all the trimmings. I made an asparagus casserole. Have to get recipe to Andrea.

3. Days are longer

4. Boss on vacation

5. Bought new carpet last night for new house. Getting anxious

P.S. Don't tell Peggy about all the food on my list today. Getting smaller club is not on my list.

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The handyman came and plastered my kitchen wall - Finally!!!!!!!!

Today and tomorrow are VACATION DAYS. Painting my bathroom in prep for having a new sink and cabinet put in on Saturday! HOORAY.

Making Baked Pork Chops for Dinner - they're so good, but evil. Who cares.

So glad NYPD Blue ended on a happy note. Andy didn't need anymore trouble.

Both me and hubby woke up today without alot of aches and pains. Don't know how that happened, but really glad it did. :)


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1) SUNSHINE (snow blindness is a negative, but it seems SOOO warm out)

2) Pay day tomorrow

3) Enough stamps for all the bills (hm...new resolution, try to send more personal notes and letters than bills every month)

4) Slippers - socks end up wet with a dog going in and out

5) A child who likes the same junk food I do - will have hot pretzels and cheese when he gets home from school!

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1) Great Friends !

2) Wonderful Family!

3) Boss Still Out Of Town!

4) Finally Getting Over This Cold/Flu/Bug!

5) Out Of Town Company Left Yesterday/House Still Clean!

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5. My 33 page stats project got turn in on time after wearing the same PJ's for 48 hours straight (Hey Curtis...I feel your pain...mine was a Mutlivariate Stats class..you had that last semester right?)

4. My stalker finally got a girlfriend and isn't bothering me anymore.

3. My husband went out of town for 2 weeks so I don't have to be subjected to NASCAR.

2. My daughter having a sleep-over at her girfriends house tomorrow night so I can go out with my best friend and probably get hammered from 1 glass of wine (it has been sooooooo long).

1. The thing I am most greatful for is my Pop's is out of the hosiptal. I am greatful for another day that he is alive.

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Yes, I had multivariate last semester. What are you studying it for? I would have told you it is a largely worthless set of tools. (I sure hope nobody on campus is reading this ....) Actually, it is not so bad. I think my project for tomorrow just passed the 70 page threshold - time series analysis. It is hard, but it seems more relevant to me than multivariate did last semester.

Anyway, back to things to be grateful for ....

widows, hot tubs, whipped cream, and this weekend. :shock::wink:8):roll::shock: (You can tell I am reaching exhaustion on this project by how slappy silly I am getting.)


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I like this!

1. Children slept until 7:15 this morning!

2. Had a great meeting about my future education today at work

3. have most of the wash done!

4. looking forward to getting together with my aunt tomorrow

5. child's cold only lasted 24 hours

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