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cindi o'h

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Hey everybody...

The costume party has begun!

I was setting up the bar this morning, working feverishly to get everything in order when Frank walked in and orders a Bud Lite...!

Well, it was good to see Frank, as always. He is one of my best customers..(he and John and a few others can always find something to celebrate)

I told him that today is special. I announced a couple of days ago that today is the day of the costume party... you're supposed to come as your favorite disease or treatment...

He insisted, " I AM dressed for the party! "

Then he spun around, dropped his trousers, and MOON'ed me with his nice and plump ..... scarlet red butt!

"What!!???! .......... is that??", I ask.

He revealed, "I'm an assburn. an assburn.. get it ??"

Frank is here drinking his ice cold Budlite.

So thanks, Frank, for getting this party started. Love your costume and can't wait for you to show the others....!


Cindi o'h

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I was at a complete loss what to wear.Thanks for the sugestion.Mabe I'll win the prize for the best dressed.

Then again there is a lot of imagination on this board.I'm looking forward to seeing the others costumes.( as i keep drinking bud lites & an occasional ice pick.((ice-tea with a shot of stoolie in it))).

Hurry over everyone,next round is on me.

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Ok, I'm in. Have the white cake with white buttercreme frosting waiting for me. Particuarly Costco brand with cheesecake filling. Heck, I'll pick it up myself!

My costume---I am a very large string of pearls, like the largest pearls you can imagine. Yup, that is right, I am polycystic ovaries, extra large size since I am extra large :):):):)

I am giong to need to bring a body guard since pearls are expensive and mine are so large, even Donald Trump would be impressed :)

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ice-tea with a shot of stoolie in it))).

Geez, Frank....I sure hope that was a typo and you meant Stolie (as in good vodka!)....cuz otherwise, it sounds too much like something that would appeal to my dogs.....who aren't very picky when it comes to libations and cuisine, if ya know what I mean! :wink:

I'm here....in a fleshcolored body suit, covered in dog hair from two partial retrievers. I am a Lab test or Lab report. Take your pick. And I'm thirsty and think I'm also glad that I prefer a vodka transfusion to Bud Lite!!

Hey....I'm even DRINKING a medical procedure.....a transfusion. That's a shot of vodka, fill the glass nearly to the top with grape juice, then add a splash of ginger ale for some bubbles!!

It's got nothing to do with blood counts...but these babies are pretty tasty!! (They call them vodka coolers out west!)

Make mine a double, will ya Cin?

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Hmmm...following Andrea's lead, I could wrap myself in a suede sack (an enlarged uterus) with a large window about chest level - "Womb with a View"!!

But wait, how am I going to drink with this darn bag over my face?? Hmmm...

Back to the original idea, an "asteroid"...

Scootch over Frank, I'll take a frozen extra sour margarita just so I can pucker up on both ends! :wink:

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Ooh, such creative costumes! *Sneeze* I might be allergic to Addie!

O.K., I was short on time, and I only had this sandwich board and a marker - so I write on my board....you guys are all going to like me here...On the front it says, "I Be After 8? What am I?" And on the back, "Be Nine!"

Benign wants to be all of your friends so pass the vodka Frank and Addie and throw in a splash of lemonade Cindi and let's kick this party up another notch!

***I tried to be fancy with color and really made a mess of things - so I edited this poor ol' post to death***

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You know boys and girls I am just not that imaginative! I have thought about it all day and haven't come up with a thing except a MENTAL Patient since there are days that I think that is more of an issue than the cancer :roll:

Anyways, save me a spot with a year under my belt I deserve to party hardy this week!



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Oh my G-d, I hate to tell you what I would come as, maybe a Hershey bar as I had a hemorrhoid operation!!! :shock: Talking about clearing out a place.... :oops:

Cind..... give me a bloody Mary with Stolie vodka....

Bottoms Up!! :roll:


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Burgundy Tights and Turtleneck. White fabric and batting cut and sewn into a 3 ft diameter soft circle with openings for head, arms, and legs. Decorated with Burgundy numerals 150.....

Tarceva....and make mine a club soda with a lime twist. I'm the designated driver. :wink:

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I, too, am a little short on the ideas today. I will buddy up with someone, we will wear white shirts and be a paradox - a pair of docs. Best I can do. I'll have whatever you got most of. And let's sing - "Oh, Lord, won't you buy me a Mercades Benz ..." like in the old days. Clapping and thumping on the table tops in time with the music. Ya'll ever do that? Margaret

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You are all are so good to come to the ash bash... especially you Di when things are troubling... how 'bout a double and we will get Andrea to drive you home...she's having cheesecake.

pm me anytime.. I am a good listener!

love, Cindi o'h

anyone want to dress up as senile cataracts? c'mon.... there have to be more out there who will come to party. love the costumes so far and the drinks to go with..

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