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Questions about MRI testing


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Firstly, as we approach test result time Ron is beginning to show his anxiety. Up until this point you would never know he had a care in the world. I suggested that perhaps he should look at something that will ease the anxiety over the next 2 weeks. I know that I've popped the odd Ativan when things got overwhelming.

Secondly, I have a question that some of you may be able to answer. Ron had an MRI of the left adrenal gland the end of January. He just recently (today) noted that his right hip is really sore. His tumour markers which show if there's anything in the bone were normal back in January and catscan showed nothing out of the ordinary. I was wondering if the MRI would cover the back or hip area as well. Would anyone have any knowledge of this? He is going to tell his oncologist of course, when he goes in for the consult in case they might need to do a bone scan. Perhaps the MRI would be sufficient to determine this???

I know that Ron took naproxen a few days ago for his sore hip and the pain did subside. Could it be arthritis? He's turning 55 one month from today and says that maybe he's just getting the usual aches and pains that many of our age group is experiencing. I feel so bad for him - I wanted to cry - I hate to see him sad. I know that we should be asking the doctor these questions but I thought with all of the experience many of you have had some light could be shed in advance.

He has had pain in his shoulders since before the official diagnosis but the oncologist showed us the bone scane that showed only the tumour on the spine. He had numbness and tingling in his feet and hands after the chemo but that has essentially resolved itself.

I would really, really appreciate an insight you might have on these questions. I have that big knot and anxiety through the roof like I did one year ago. This waiting for result time is so hard on the head.


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Hi Janet, I have and get more aches and pains than Hector had chickens. Every time something hurts I think its cancer related.It's always seemed to be over 50 related instead.

It is my belief that the three worst things about this disease are.

1:Initial diagnosis & the fear,anxiety,and unknown of what is next.

2:Scan & check up times.(this is a nerve racker for all of us)

3:Every ache and pain gives us the old (is it or is it not the cancer)

I think it is all apart of the new normal we have to learn to live with.It never seems to get any easier.It does become doable tho.I usually sit back and enjoy a couple bud lites & try to make myself relax.(it doesn't always work but it's the best remedy I've found yet.

Good luck with the upcoming tests.Wishing you both the very best of results.

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I second what Frank said. Every time I have doctor's appointment coming up, I have all kinds of mysterious things going on with my aches and pains. This from a previously extremely stable person who went for years at a time without using a sick day from work.

This is what happens when you are blindsided by a cancer diagnosis. I truly believe that the anxiety brings all of this on with me. Anyone on this board can relate to the stress that test time brings on.

I think a lot of my aches and pains are just getting older stuff, like arthritis, but of course, when you've had all this, you just naturally think the worst.

Good luck to you....I think anti-anxiety meds are a good idea.


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My husband's radiologist has repeatedly told us that things that need attention are anything that is "different" AND "stays". He says that anything that is caused by the cancer usually does not go away and tends to get worse. He said if aches and pains come and go, they can always be caused by a number of different things, but cancer pain tends to want to stick around and not let up.

Of course there are other things that can cause pain that stays, but in any case, his oncologists want to know about anything that is different and stays.

Hope that helps.



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I have recently been in the same boat as your husband and they did do an mri for it. I was waking up in the middle of the night with pain in my hips and neck. It lasted about 3 weeks. I finally got the nerve to go in and get it checked out and it was just a random pain for no explaination except getting older. The funny thing is, once I got the all clear on the mri the pain went away two weeks later and now it shows up once in a blue moon only.

I agree with Peggy, I was told that you shouldn't worry about some of the aches and pains unless they stay with you a while.

Good luck, I hope that the pain if nothing but a ache and nothing worse.


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Thanks to everyone for the words of advice and support. Ron seems more upbeat today and says that he took ibuprofen yesterday and last night and his hip didn't pain at all. He feels better today and is going to tell the onc. when he sees him on the 16th.

This month he "celebrates" his 1 year anniversary since diagnosis.


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