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Intensive Care


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hi guys

Not so good news going on. My mom is in ICU, she has some kind of infection in her good lung, and shes on a respirator. Please pray, please

she is not concious becasue of the ventilator, they had to sedate her. All I can say is please PRAY! I can't say anything else except please pray for my mommy. She is so WONDERFUL, and BEAUTIFUL. THanks to all. I love ya all.

Rana :cry:

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Lord God-Please help us to remember what a great and forgiving God you are. We thank You for the many blessings that we tend to forget about when trouble times hit. I am asking for the power to help Fresca's mom who is in critical shape now. Touch her with the miracle we know You can give. Give her the strenght to stand by with her mom and be a strength for her whole family. We thank you Jesus for the resurection and the forgiveness of sins. In your precious name. Amen

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Thanks so much all of you. Mom is still on the ventilator, and her kidneys weren't functioning well, and she was filling with fluid. Lungs, legs, etc....she went from 103 lbs, to 116 in one week. The good news, though, is she wants to fight, she shook her head yes. So, we put her on dialysis, and they removed fluid from her. She can now move her legs, and is more responsive. Now, we find out if the dialysis can remove the fluid from her lungs. We won't know until they try to decrease the oxygen on the vent. That is where we are now. My aunt is flying in today, and that will give my dad his needed support.

I would like to add my dad, and my brother to the prayer list as they aren't doing so well. Might want to add me as well. Thank you guys.

Love you all


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