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Ellagic Acid, Raspberry seeds

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Does any one have any information on whether or not Ellagic acid works?

Have seen some testimonials that it does but am not sure. Wife is stage 2 on tarceva for a month and there is no spreading right now of cancer. Am wondering if Ellagic acid is snake oil or not. Thanks :?

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The supplement I'm taking has ellagic acid it in. I know there's been some good research about the benefits of eating raspberries but I don't know about research specifically about ellagic acid.

My opinion - it won't hurt and might help but I would take it as part of an overall supplement plan.

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Dr. Daniel Nixon of the Hollings Cancer Institute at the Medical University of South Carolina, has been working with Ellagic Acid from the red raspberry seed in his cancer studies. Dr. Nixon found that ingesting 40mg of Ellagic Acid, which is the amount of Ellagic Acid contained in 1 cup of red raspberries, can cause cancer cells to undergo apoptosis (natural cell death). This is important because when cancer cells undergo apoptosis it effectively stops their geometric reproductive progression. The cancer cells die a normal death and are not reproduced. In other words, it reinstates the action of the P53 gene.

Click here to know more about ellagic acid:

http://www.v4l.com/foundationessentials ... 6D5110F1D6

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I'll admit that I take my share of supplements -- but when it comes to suppliments like these, something my doctor said echos in my head.

"I'd rather see you get your nutrients from "real" food rather than a supplement".

No one can say for sure whether supplements can do EXACTLY what the real deal can -- so why not just load up on rasberries? A handful on top of a scoop of icecream, or a smoothie made from vanilla yogurt / a cup of rasberries / and a dash of milk. Or just a plain old bowl of berries!

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