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Mom met with the Dr. today. Liver tumors have shrunk lung is same as before. I guess that is good news but we were wanting more. We are not real happy with her oncologist. He is very negative and my mom always leave his office discouraged. We are considering Cancer Centers of America. Anyone had any experience there? Let me know.

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I was going to say the same thing that Andrea said, I also heard good things about them, but did not have to go that route as I found great doctors here.

I believe he saved my husbands life by doing a 7 1/2 operation to remove his upper left lobe removed. The tumor was on top of his aorta, but thank G-d not attched. He had to take all his time and had to be presiced as to not nick the arota. It would have been life threatening if that happened. Anyway, he had that much confidence in his skill. Instead of the whole lung, Joel only lost a lobe. and didnt even damage a rib.

Let us know where you live and you will get responses from that. Also do a profile on him, so we will know what stage he is in, is it SCLC or NSCLC, so we could help you.

I know things are going to work out for him. Just hang in there. We hear you and are here from you.


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My mom is receiving treatment treatment there and in my opinion there IS NO better place. Five years ago, my mom had stage IIIb lc, she got chemo and radiaion there five days a week, so she and my dad stayed in a room there. They have a healthy foods in the cafeteria, they have classes in nutrition, church services for your spirit, they are just awesome. They treat you like you're their only patient. You can tell you really matter to them. You can PM me if you want to talk.

You and your family are in my prayers.

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I am currently a patient at CTCA and I thank God I found them. Actually, my daughter found them for me. I have the most wonderful oncologist. He is truly a saint. They bend over backwards to make you feel good. They are always 5 steps ahead of you. We are all in the same boat there and everyone has a smile even though you feel crumby.

Ihave an appointment on April 6th and hope for good news. I'm currently on Tarceva, almost 6 weeks now. I pray that news will be good. :wink:

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