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(No) Baby News


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It's just not looking good for little girl getting here anytime soon. My doctor's appointment was VERY discouraging today. They have me scheduled for next Wednesday not necessarily for an induction, but to at least start some measures to make my cervix a bit more favorable to getting this kid out ... As of now NOTHING is really happening. And the baby is posterior.

Husband leaves in 15 days. Am wishing I had some family that might be able to come out and help...

Have been able to stay so positive about all the crap that's hit the fan recently... but this is really getting to me. Can't something just go right?? Sorry guys... I know that this beautiful, hopeful thing is hardly something to complain about. Just am struggling to stay in perspective.

If I had my choice... I'd begin labor ON MY OWN this weekend sometime... and her and her Daddy would have some good time together...

Please keep praying.

So that's the (no) news.


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Oh, Val:

I'm sorry to hear your baby's not quite ready to join the world right now, but you know that can change very fast! And I hope it does! It's hard to be patient, especially with the baby's Daddy having to leave in l5 days, but there's every chance it will arrive by then!

Is your husband in the service, Val?

Let us know - we're rooting for you


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My son was four days late, I had a doctor's appointment on his due date and hadn't even dilated - AND was told that the baby would be between five and six pounds. I was on pins and needles the whole time, wondering when labor pains would "ambush" me, and I was scared, apprehensive, worried (for reasons I won't go into here)....just couldn't get a decent night's sleep (as if I'd been sleeping after my tummy started to get in the way of sleeping on my belly)...and I never have been a real patient person.

I had been working through my entire pregnancy as a third-shift grocery checker - they knew my due date and STILL had me scheduled to work yet another full weekend while the folks I supposedly switched weekends with had the weekend off... So believe me, I was SOOOO happy when labor started at 6:30 Friday morning! LOL - I DID get the weekend off!

My boy was due March 3, he will be thirteen on Monday...and that 5-6 pound baby? Well, four days after that estimate, he was 7 pounds, 15 ounces...and then the fun REALLY began. No matter how ready you may think you are, it's really overwhelming to look down at that little face and know that you are responsible for the little miracle with ten fingers and ten toes...very humbling.

Don't get discouraged. She WILL come out, maybe you can wait long enough that she'll already be walking and potty-trained! :wink:

Doctors know what doctors know, but babies are a Mother Nature thing. You little one knows what she wants - and being posterior...well, if that's how things work out, a C-section isn't all that bad. More days in the hospital, more time to spend learning about infants with "supervision"!

It will all work out, try your breathing exercises to relax your nerves at this time, turn your thoughts inward on the little life about to burst forth and steal your heart.

Hugs to you,


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I really feel for you.

My last 2 sons were each a few days late (I have 5 sons). I wasn't dialated and the baby wasn't in position. But my labor started on its own and I really had to push extra hard and they were both born posterior. Lots of extra pushing and a little more pain than with the other 3, but all went well and it was worth every pain (even though to this day I don't like the word push). I predict you will have your healthy little girl within the next few days.

Good luck and God Bless you,


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Long ride on a bumpy road late in the evening. 8)

I hear it's been known to start labor! Can't attest to it personally....but my hubby's firstborn showed up not long after he took his ex on that long ride.

Something to think about.....and you can get a latte or an ice cream while you're out...huh? :wink:

Good luck, hon. These babies show up when they are good and ready, but I'm hoping she comes soon so she can get to know her daddy a bit before he leaves.

And....taking that long drive down a country or bumpy road couldn't hurt....

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OY, hun. I know how you feel. I was told I was going to go into labor 3 weeks early because i was progesssing so perfectly and then boom, my due date hit and nothing. I know its hard, and I know you want her dady to have so much time with her before he leaves. Im still trying to think labor vibes for you. You know you always have me, after she is here to help out! well, enough for the questions and thoughts and the complaining.

Hugs to you


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Prayers that your baby will come soon and without teeth (Cindi-is trying to make you laugh or gasp or something there not sure... she always cracks me up... luv ya Cindi) I remember feeling the pressure of having my second son before Christmas. He made it the 22nd and we came home the 24th -whew barely. Walk!!! Just walk as much as you can especially if you get those twingy feelings again.. Keep us posted..


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