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Father in Law is failing fast

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This is my 4th parent/in-law with NSCLC in the past 5 1/2 years. My FIL was diagnosed with NSCLC in January 05. We just found out today that he is Stage IV, and the oncologist is saying that Hospice is necessary already. He has pleural effusion with cancer cells in the fluid. We had to admit him to the hospital 4 days ago due to failing health, weakness, inability to eat, sleep, etc. They are drawing a pint of fluid from his lung in the morning and it returns by evening for another draw. This has gone on for 5 days now - I think he deserves and needs *peace*.

Today we were told that he needs to go to Hospice care or in-patient Hospice care. It is amazing how fast this has occurred....but not really - because he has been feeling lousy for about 4-5 months. He refused to go to the doctor and now it is too late.

Sorry such a negative post - but wanted to give an update.

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MY GOSH, Kerry, you have really had it extra rough!!!! I am at a loss for words. Many people don't even know one person with lung cancer, let alone four in their immediate family. I am so sorry about your father-in-law and will pray for him tonight and all of your family.

Hang in there and write to us as often as you want - whenever you want to talk.



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I think your FIL does need a break, but that time is up to the man upstairs. It is amazing what the body can endure. He has more than his share. I wish for him peace now.

I pray they make him pain free and as comfortable as possible, during what time he has left.

Kerry, your story is so heartwrenching. To have 1 Lung cancer victim in ones immediate family is somewhat uncommon, but 4 certainly is, this must be unbearable for you. My advice is for you Kerry, isto hold up, You can it !!! You are stronger than you realize.even though at times you break down and feel like everything is falling apart. You have been through this too many times before, and you came through it. You can do it again. Get yourself through the much needed greiving prgress, then just move on. You still have a family here, who needs you and loves you. Have peace in knowing that.

Just love your Father in law and know he will be in a better place than he is right now. you are a wonderful daughter in law or daughter to him.

Just picture in your minds eye, when his spirt finally leaves that sick, deseased physical body behind, picture him floating, then flying in the air, whooping it up because he is free and the pain is all gone.

It must feel wonderful. His wife will be there to bring help him cross over. Ithe transisition will be the most beautiful moment for him. If you are there when his spirit leaves look up, not down as his spirt is now floating up, not staying down in that deceased body. His sick body is gone but his spirit lives on. Just like all the memories of all your love ones are living on through you.

We are the ones who are left to grieve. But know that one day way, way, way down the road, you will see all your loved ones again.

Kerry, you still have quite a hull ahead of you. You husband will need you to be his strength.

I am sending healthy meditation thoughts full of strength to you. And peace to your Father in law.

Know that we are here always for you. Thinking about you and hoping you are coping just fine.

Try to keep us infomed about his condition.

Peace be with you.


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Dear Kerry,

I'm so very sorry to hear your news. I pray for peace for your FIL as well as all who love him. This kind of update sure keeps things in perspective for me. And to think, I felt like getting up a little whiny this morning.

May God bless you & your family,


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Kerry, so sorry to hear that yet another family member has been stricken with this terrible disease. I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers! Hang in there.

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like others, I'm at a loss for words. I can't even begin to imagine going through this four times. I promise to keep you and your family in my prayers. Only He can can comfort, give peace, courage, and strength in times like this.


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