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3/5/05 5's


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1. I am off work until Tuesday. :D

2. Steak for dinner tonight.

3. diet pepsi

4. My husbands boss Larry for allowing me to have my LCSC walk on

his property.

5. For my saint bernard Destiny who weighs a ton and still thinking she

is a lap dog. Sitting on my lap looking at me with those sad eyes

and giving me a slurpy saint bernard kiss. :wink:

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Well, the contractor came and put in the sink, but the medicine cabinet was "too complicated." Hubby and I will put in in tomorrow. Glad that hubby didn't explode!

Got Chicken Parmigana in the oven. (I talk alot about food, don't I?)

Can relax tonight with a good movie.

Enjoying a nice glass of Valpolicelli.

My sore throat seems better today. Good thing I had Zithromax to take.


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This is such a healthy and MUCH NEEDED idea! I love to count blessings when life is difficult. Let's see....

1. My wonderful husband and our 2 great kids :):)

2. God and His blessings and comfort.

3. Our home addition is coming along and will be done in 30 days. :D

4. My new position at my company is fulfilling!

5. Our youngest daughter's sense of humor: She was watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and said, "Mom, did you know that Michael Jackson played as the mean Kid Catcher on this movie?" (had to laugh - think about it - he looks just like that creepy guy!)

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1. Yest was 1 year since my mom's surgery

2. Brian took me to teh outlets so I can buy him work shirts today

3. We went to the casino next to the outlets today and did not lose too much money

4. I ate a yummy dinner of clam chowder, salad and garlic toast from Claim Jumper

5. I have a chocolate chip cookie waiting for me

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1. My Mother and Father's current good health

2. freecycling

3. The new Super Target that just opened

4. French Roast Coffee

5. The Atlantic Ocean and the swamps all around me (swamps are really beautiful in their own unique way.


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1) Sunsets painted with God's own palette

2) Husband with power tools

3) Someone taught my son to read and Harry Potter pulled him into literature and eased his fear of "BIG" books.

4) Clearance sales with "good stuff"

5) Enough house projects to keep me busy for a while

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