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I am posting this again, as this was posted in General, but it kinda got lost there. I feel this is important for you to know. So I copied it and put it back in this subject matter.

Hi All,

I heard from Rosemary (Rosemac) by email, and she told me that it is ok for me to update you about Fred's condition. Below is what she wrote:

I haven't written anything because I have been too busy with the hospital and working, that was when it had come back again in the spine I didn't want to upset people cause everytime it went away it came back somewhere.

Fred now has pneumonia radiation pnematosis and a partial collapsed lung. and his blood counts all bottomed out because of the radiation to the spine and chemo. He has had two transfusions one of the packed red cells and one for platelets and his counts seem to be coming back up.

We are trying to make arrangements for him to come home he will need oxygen and a bed. My goal is to get him back to the way he was before this infection. He can't even get out of the bed to go to the commode right now he is so short of breath even with the oxygen.

Just please make sure if Joel gets chemo he has a port put in that is so important, they have ruined Freds veins he is having so much trouble even getting a blood draw because of it, it just breaks my heart. His veins are all hard now and when they go to stick him they blow. I just broke down the other night because they kept sticking and trying. So please please get a port.

Rosemary (Roseymac)

Keep those prayers and positive thoughts going for them.

Maryanne (below is my profile, not Rosemary's)

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