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DAVID C in hospital - Prayers needed


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Had a nice dinner with David C and Karen last night......but he didn't feel good. Went to the ER and they admitted him.

Karen called this morning and they are pumping him with fluids, can't remember is it's sodium or potassium that is low.

Apparently they met a really good ER / Intern / General Doctor last night who sounds real upbeat and supportive. He seems to be a little bit more "well rounded" educaton wise then just a "regular" doctor from what Karen told me. Hopefully he can jump start Dave and get him back on track!

Prayers for Dave needed!

P.S. - his parents are here to take care of Faith (thank goodness)!

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My experiences in the ER with doctor's has been good. They

seem to be much more knowledgeable than my doctor's. Even

when the brain met was dx. I was in a little town in the desert. Population 500 and from a CT she said, youhave either had a small

stroke or you have a brain met. I am still inpressed with

her. She was very compassionate too.

Dave, get well...

Thanks Beth for the update...

God Bless and prayers,


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Beth, Thanks for letting everybody know. Hey folks, SIADH, that wonderful side effect that makes your sodium level drop has struck again. This is what caused my whole body to go start cramping (also the same way I was diagnosed back in 2003 ). The cramps had been getting worse and worse over the past few weeks. We went out to dinner Beth and her husband and had a good time but I was so tired when I left I told Karen to drive by the ER to see how busy they were. They did not look to busy I decided that we had to nip this thing in bud so we went in. I must admit that I played the cancer cards quite heavily while checking. They finally got me back in the ER Room in about an hour or one and 1/2 hour. My sodium level had dropped to 118. They admitted me and got me into my room around 4:30 in the morning. They are restricting my fluid and got me on several differet medications in a hope to get the sodium level back up quickly. I am still having cramps but they are getting better. I don't expect that I will be released tomorrow although my ONC. said there was a possibility. Basically they are experimenting with different medication combos to see what will bring my sodium back. Well, thats about all I caan type at this time. I am sure Karen will give more details.

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David and Karen,

Glad they are addressing the problem. Isn't it wonderful having internet connections in hospital rooms these days? You can still get love and support via the net even when you are in the midst of treatment. Take care. Praying extra hard for improvements.

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Hi, this is Karen. we have dave's laptop hooked to the phone line in his room. yes, at first we had an ER doc, a young lady who was very nice but I don't think she was all that, er, bright - then they brought in this young doc, he said he is a generalist in the hospital - he works for the hospital and acts as a patient's primary care doctor if their own doc doesn't admit them, something like that. I thought the nurse said he was the on call onco doc and he sure talked like one - he really knew his stuff, especially about the behavior of SCLC, but then he explained his role. then he gave us a rousing pep talk about the importance of just KNOWING you will be that one person in a million (or whatever) who is going to survive and that he was impressed that DAve did have that attitude, then he gave us a very passionate talk about the importance of Dave making sure that Faith and I would be well cared for, in good financial shape, emotional shape, etc., in the event he did have to leave us. this was at 2 am. I was a bit fuzzy headed and eager to get home so dave's dad could go to his "home" and go to sleep, he was babysitting faith in our house, but I'm glad I didn't leave before we talked to Dr Positive. wow. he was GOOD. and Dave' oncologist came to see him this morning before I got here and told him we would keep trying, never give up, on getting him well. we are so lucky with these wonderful docs!

lots of visitors today, including Faith, who immediately makes herself right at home in a hospital room. even knows that there's free juice to be had in the little kitchen down the hall. she likes to walk down the hall and smile and wave at patients in their rooms. little angel, this kid.

OK, I ramble, can you tell I had three hours sleep last night? went to sleep at 3:30 am, was awakened at 6:45 by a little face right in my face, looking for her beloved winnie the pooh doll.

Blessings from Room 2211,


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Glad you guys didn't mess around last night, and just went in to the ER. Even more glad they are getting David's meds squared away and the sodium level back to where it should be.

Sorry you needed to be hospitalized....but sometimes, it really is best, huh?

Hope you're back on track soon, David....and yes, that doc had some smart things to say. Not always easy to believe we'll be the recipient of a miracle....but no chance if we DON'T believe it....is there? :wink:

Hurry home and feel better soon!

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Hey Chapmans

Glad you had a good time with Beth and Mr. Beth last night.

Also, I do like those hospitalists. The ones that I have had always know how so much more and how to expedite things along. Glad you had a good one and one that you are comfortable with.

I grabbed my laptop out the door too..I am not a tv watcher very much. It was Beth who taught me this trick. In fact, that is how we "met".. she was in her hospital room and we posted by pm back and forth.

Everyone who came into my room, did not know that internet was available in the patient room. All the staff were pretty impressed. Course I made them look at my new kitty, Luna!!

Glad you played your cards, Dave. I am impressed that you know when to get your hairy butt in to get checked out. Good for you.

As always, you know you have my prayers, as humble as they are.

love, Cindi o'h

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