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Five for Monday, 3/7/05


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1) Celebrating my son's 13th birthday with him! Sure wasn't something I dared dream about two years ago...

2) Birthday cake has no calories

3) Son's choice for dinner was Red Lobster - breaks MY heart! :wink:

4) Basketball hoop instead of a video game as a birthday gift

5) Finding floor plans for a treeless tree house as a summer project

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1.possibility one of my classes may be cancelled(to teach=less hours)

2.my husband walking nicoya today

3.a great run alone and by the river

4.collagen eye patches to help with wrinkles

5.almost being done my day at work and it is only 1 o'clock

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1. This new news from Becky about birthday cake being calorie free, Woo Hoo!

2. Living in Florida on a day like today - beautiful!

3. Rick and Katie

4. The amazing everyday courage of the bravest people I've ever "known" here at LCSC.

5. My nephew Jeff.[/b]

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1. After getting Kevin and Katie off to school I can go back to bed.

2. Miami valley hospital and its great team of doctors.

3. Vacuum cleaners

4. John a good friend of the family who is in Iraq serving are country.

5. Me and my hubby are both off work today and will have the day to


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1. I made it through 2 1/2 months as a surviving spouse.

2. It's getting better.

3. Spring is in two weeks (????????)

4. Praying for all who are worried and scared here.

5. Thankful for this site and you wonderful folks who helped me to

- remain hopeful.

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J.C.: Are you having a hard time? Why don't you start a new thread and tell us what is going on. We're here for you and we love you!

Today, I am thankful for:

1. I, too, have the day off.

2. Our son's cell phone isn't lost.

3. A good insurance company.

4. We're closer to getting results.

5. Money to buy food.

Love to all,


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1. My parents stopping by for a quick visit Saturday night, just because!

2. Taking our puppy for a walk on a beautiful afternoon yesterday

3. "Snuggle time" with my son this morning before starting the morning rush

4. My husband just calling to say "hi"....15 minutes after he left for work

5. My boss starting her vacation today :lol:

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I had to go back and read these - how wonderful to make me stop and truly think about what I am thankful for....

1) My wise 7yr old decided she just wanted to have a small birthday this year and instead of getting presents, she wants to give...

2) My 6 yr old is learning to work through her rage and can now self calm in less than 5 minutes

3) My new job is going well and I really like my new boss

4) My Mom's health continues to maintain - not any better and definately not any worse

5) My wonderful husband never misses a chance to tell me how much he loves me.

Becky - Thank you for helping to put a smile on my face today!

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1. My husband could care less that I am fluffy

2. Xanax

3. The fire alarm ringing at 3am throughout my apt building Sun morning was a false alarm

4. Days of Our Lives

5. Brian is almost done with our taxes

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