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help, quick answers needed


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Hello everone. As you know, mom is still taking Alimta and had her last dose on Wednesday 3-2. They also gave her a neulasta shot for her WBC. In addition, my mom's PCP has prescribed 875 mg 2x a day for a possible infection that could result from a hole they have found in her eardrum. Since she started taking the antibiotics, she cannot keep anything down. She has never gotten sick from chemo, so it would be odd to blame it on the Alimta. Could this large amount of antbiotics be toxic and making her vomit this much? She has been putting up with this for four days and is just waiting for a call from the onco. nurse. I say go to the ER, but she thinks I am overreacting? What would you do? Thanks!

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I agree with Ry -- check the prescription information that came with the antibiotics and see if there are any "warnings signs" to look for when taking the antibiotic -- there are usually some things indicated (like excessive diarea, blurred vision, etc.) that suggest contacting the doctor immediately.

If you no longer have the sheet that came with the drug, call the pharmacy and check with the pharmacist.

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I was on antibiotics last week, after a couple days of taking them I was so sick, really nausiated I did end up vomitting and felt so much relief afterward so I stopped taking them and have felt fine since...you can also go to webmd.com and they have info and the side effects of rx drugs...Hope your mom gets some relief soon...

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I think that chemo may effect the stomach lining. Generally, I never have stocmach issues but with both cycles of altima I would throw up once the Mon. eve. before dinner after a Thurs. afternoon infusion. On Mondays, I could just feel the acid in my stomach building. Afterwards I always felt fine and even ate dinner. I have to say that I was on 875 mg of amoxcillion also at the time.

I have encouraged by my oncology nurse to take prevacid while on chemo to protect my stomach. I am off ALtima but continue to take the prevacid.

Unfortunately, altima did not work for me but it was a very easy chemo regimen with almost no side effects for me.

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