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Time for another update.


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Except that there realy isn't any thing to update. :) 17 months past my dx and 2 months past the longest estimate the docs gave me and I'm still chuggin' along. Still pretty much home bound due to muscle weakness, however I did get out 2 weekends ago. A friend came over and we loaded my walker into his mini-van and he, Gay and myself went to Sunset cliffs and watched the ocean for about a half an hour. It was a cloudy, cool day (rare for San Diego (except for this year :shock: )) and it was realy pretty. Then stopped by In and Out for some burgers on the way home. A very nice day.

Lessee, coughing? the same. SOB? The same. Still no sign of matasis. Still on the same type and amount of meds. Which are all GOOD things.

So the upshot is that, for reasons nobody can explain (and I don't CARE why :)), I'm still here.

Nothing else. I still try to log on to the board every day and have even been able to respond a little bit to other messages lately. I think about you all every day and share each day in your joys, your sadness and your fears. I wish I could respond more but will do so as I can.

Take care.


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Dean, so glad to hear from you!!!!!! I live 4 blocks from the ocean, and you have made me think that I need to go and appreciate it more often. It is a magnificent sight. My son lives in San Diego and I have been to the Pacific Ocean and thought it was lovely. My best to you and Gay!!!! Keep on keepin on!!!!!!!

Peace and blessings


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Aw, jeez Dean....did you HAVE to mention In and Out burgers??? :? My favorites in all the world!! And they don't have them back east. :(

But hey....in order to hear from you....you can talk about anything you want even IF it makes me drool and wish I were out west! :)

Great to hear from you...and keep proving 'em all wrong by continuing to beat the odds. It's always such a pleasure to hear from you!

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it's good to see you here Dean....so happy that disease is stable and you enjoy your life there. You are right, I found that this year over the world, the weather is very abnormal everywhere. We should keep an eye on the environmental protection...

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