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We know we are to eat brocoli, and apples . Today I read it is important to eat carrots! They contain chemicals that inhibit tumor growth. Also other orange veggies squash and pumpkin contain it too. Tomatoes contain lycopene, a potent antioxidant that may reduce the risk of prostrate and lung cancer! Enjoy! Donna G

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Hi all

I am a big fan of nutritional therapy, but I just wanted to remind people of the recent study which found that beta-carotene (in carrots, among other things) was actually found to increase the incidence of lung cancer in smokers. Not sure what this means for people who already HAVE lung cancer. I will dig around and see if I can find the study and post it for you.

Cheers, Karen

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I too have read that beta carotine can increase lung cancer risk in smokers -- but read that the study pertained to beta carotine SUPPLEMENTS only -- NOT the beta carotine found naturally in foods.

The NCI has never made recommendations as to whether Americans should take supplements. The best advice for smokers who want to reduce their risk of lung cancer is still the most direct: stop smoking. The results from CARET and the ATBC Trial suggest that smokers should avoid taking beta carotene supplements.
Beta carotene, which is found in plants, is a precursor of vitamin A. The body converts beta carotene to vitamin A. It occurs mainly in fruits and vegetables that are deep yellow, orange, or dark green in color, such as carrots, squash, yams, peaches, apricots, spinach, collard or mustard greens, and broccoli. It is an antioxidant, a compound that may prevent cancer-causing substances from damaging DNA. Epidemiologic studies have linked high intake of foods rich in beta carotene and high serum levels of the micronutrient to a reduced risk of cancer, particularly lung cancer

We should all be safe eating carrots until our hearts our content :wink:

Good news for me -- bring on my homemade carrot/apple/beet juice!!!

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