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pulmonologist today

cindi o'h

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hello everyone.

I am going in this morning to have some tests done with the pulmonologist. This is a doc that I love.

When I was hospitalized last week for my heart, she ordered some kind of test to check the pressure in my Right Pulmonary Artery. The pressure was fine.

She was the bright spot in my hospital stay. She popped into my room and stayed but just a second, but I was grateful that she had come.

Today, I am scheduled for more tests. One of them will be a six minute walking test. I am not sure what others she has ordered. When I heard about the six minute test, I knew that I wouldn't get an "A". I will be surprised if I pass it. I am hoping for some Oxygen, maybe or something that can help me to recover. I am so very short of breath.

I should be home by early this afternoon. You know how these things have a way of eating up time.

Cindi o'h

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Good Luck today...you will do fine.

Mom is starting on Friday to take a bunch of "tests" from the pulmo to see if she can endure pulmonary rehab as she too is so very sob. Let us know what these test are and of course if you passed or failed.



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Oh.. I see I was going to tell you what happened and then I forgot.

I did not do well on the test at all. I had some cones set up on a walking course with the RT right in the center with a wheelchair in case I needed it. I walked a whole 2.5 minutes. He monitored my pulse and Ox sat. at everytime I passed him.

This is part of what prompted the pulm. to order the thoracentesis tomorrow. Remember...I am a nevous ninny when it comes to getting my lung tapped...please pray for letting go of my fears and giving them over to God.

I am hoping that if there is cancer in the pleural space, that it will be found by the path. And if there isn't, then Frank's buying! He better be up to it...! Get well, Frank!

Cindi o'h

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