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Treebywater had her baby!!!


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I hadnt seen her online in a few days so I had to call her. She had her baby and asked me to update everyone. Im so excited. She should be home in a few days. She said the delivery went very smoothly and no complications.

Her name is Carolyn Helen which is after Val's mama.

She was born March 7th at 11:45 am

she was 8 lbs. 1 oz

and 20 1/2 inches long

Some other great news is that her husband is going to be able to stay around a little longer and spend time with his new baby girl. He is going on TBA to continue some schooling so he can see the baby in the evenings for a month or so longer than expected and wont have to go on the boat for a little while longer. (I hope I got the terminology right)

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Your mom must be thrilled. This should boost her spirits...

I know I didn't win the baby pool as I had the 5th.

Whoever was the closest will make the 1st toast for the new baby, at Cindi's pub,

My toast is "Carolyn have a healthy life full of many many womderful memories." Make sure mommy and daddy get enough sleep!! :wink:

Drinks on the house.... right Cind....


Love good news and what is better than a new life... :D



PS, have to change your picture now from your big belly to your newest addition. :wink:

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oh yeah!!

Drinks are on the house for this event. Where's the baby pictures?? Can't wait..

Beautiful name for a precious baby. What a sweet tribute to grandmother.. Val you are a very special woman.

Congratulations to you and all of the new relatives. Celebrate this miracle.

love, and very special hugs,

Cindi o'h

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I am actually not sure how its spelled. This was the first time I spoke to Val and she had an accent to me. Im from New York and i guess everyone has an accent to me. I didnt ask her how to spell it, but I figured she would correct me if I was wrong when she comes home.

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