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My Pulmonologist (I love her!!)

cindi o'h

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hey everyone.

Had a good visit with the pulmonologist. She is very smart and very thorough.

I did not pass my test. I walked at a very fast clip for 2.5 minutes before I collapsed out of breath. I have known that I am not well for quite some time, so it was good to be there, get it documented, and get that part overwith.

Turns out that she was in the cath lab when I was having the cardiac angiogram last week. She said that in addition to the angiogram a test that was done to measure the pressure in the Right Pulmonary Artery that feeds my right lung was slightly off.

She said that the septral branch of the Left Anterior Ascending Artery has a 50% blockage at the junction and that there is nothing that can be done about that. She said that eventually, I will have another small heart attack and then a small portion of the heart will die off. (oh well)

She said that I have a moderate pleural effusion still. She wants to get that fluid off so that I can breathe easier. She will also have it checked to see if it is exudative or non-exudative. (Cancerous or not)

She still wants me to have the sleep study. She is highly suspicious that if I have apnea (which I think I do) that it is putting pressure on my heart and lungs to have to tax themselves.

She wants me to get a nebulizer to use at home.

She said that there has been a dramatic change in the lung scar tissue. The scar tissue that was present awhile ago has become more dense (not good) and the scar tissue that was recently forming has diminished thanks to the prednisone. So. I am thankful that the radiation pneumonitis process has been slowed down. I will stay on the prednisone and continue to monitor this with CT scans until we both feel that the inflammation is totally out.

Lots going on with me. We don't have all of the answers yet. But, I am confident that I have the best doctor in town working with me. I am very grateful to her. I just love her. I just know that she will be the cornerstone of my recovery and that she will help me to get better. I am grateful that I found her and that she is taking notice of me and my situation.

hope all is well with all of you!

Cindi o'h

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I love to hear when someone has a great doctor~! This road is rough enough without adding a bad doc to the mix.

Sounds like it is good that you are getting everything checked out further. I know you will be heading back to smoother breathing and better health here soon Cindi!


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Sounds like you love your pulmonary onc the way we love our radiation onc. He's just the best! It's kind of nice when you actually look forward to seeing your doctor, huh?

And, since you like my turbo-powered prayers - sending some with super-powered fuel injection straight to God and back to you!



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It sounds like you have a lot going on, but an excellent doctor. She really does sound like a keeper. I wonder , did she ask what it was you were drinking before you collapsed on the 6 minute walk... :wink: Quite honestly, I couldn't do that myself. I don't have cancer, but I have a mild case of emphysema. Mike's doctor does many different pulmonary tests on him as well. He uses a nebulizer 3 times a day every day without fail plus Flovent inhaler twice a day. It really is helpful . Keep following doctors orders and know that I am only one of many sending lots of prayers and positive energy your way.

Love, Sue

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So nice to hear a good doctor story - we can get a bit cynical with some of the bad ones. Just a bit curious about the pleural effusion. Steve had fluid drawn off twice with thoracentesis, then a chest tube for 9 days and then they did a pleuradesis which was completely successful - no fluid since and no side effects other than a slight "catch in his side" once in awhile when he does a hard sneeze.

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Boy, Cin....WE are glad you've got the best pulmonary doc in town, too. Sounds like she's sharp and thorough and I hope she has you breathing easier soon.

It's a bit scary knowing this and that and the other is wrong or blocked or off or not quite right....but it's better than NOT knowing it, isn't it?

Just hang in, follow your doc's instructions and do get tested for the apnea...as resolving that could make a big difference.

Sending all good thoughts your way, hon. We need you behind that bar, ya know? So get yourself back on track! :wink:

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