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Blessings on a Wednesday....

1) Found the PERFECT graduation gift for Mark's youngest and it's 65% off!

2) Direct deposit of tax returns

3) Half day at work

4) My son missed the bus - we had some time alone together and then Gramma said she'd take him to school (and he hates riding the bus).

5) My boy missed the bus twice - we thought he had missed it because we were running a bit late and thought the bus must have come early so we went in the house - and watched the bus go by soon after. It was over ten minutes late.

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1. funny email from J.C. this morning. Always love her emails. I truly love you Jackie!

2. have a funny goings on in my left breast. Feel very comfortable in asking J.C. to point me in a good direction.

3. rapid response from J.C.

4. made call to breast surgeon. They can squeeze me in tomorrow for a squeeze of me! (I have one of the best breast surgeons in the country)

5. the breast center is only 5" away.

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How wonderful it is to stop and think about 5 things to be grateful about each day.

1. Longer days and shorter nights

2. A sweet young woman with whom I work

3. The ability to 'sneak' on the internet during work

4. My Woman's Club meeting tonight with good friends

5. Dinner out with my best friend last night with lots of laughter

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