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memory quilt


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hi everyone

i lost my dad last thursday. i am planning on making a memory quilt for my brother out of dad's clothing and also using photo transfers of other things that were important to him and that he loved...... i haven't figured out a design yet! but i will. anyway, i've been reading postings through blurry eyes and someone mentioned ideas on how to honor and memoralize our beloved departed and i just thought i'd mention this as an idea. you dont' need to have any special skill, if you know how to sew a button you can make a quilt! i made 2 10 years ago with no prior experience, just using a book for guidance. just an idea that maybe some of you will like.

as for me, it will absolutely fill my heart with love when i present it to my brother and he can cover himself each night when he lies down to sleep, with the love of my father, stitched by hand by his daughter. it's a gift to my brother and also a tremendous gift to myself.



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I also am trying to make a quilt from my dad's clothing. He passed away Sept. 19, 2004. I picked his favorite shirts and clothes, including some that I have pictures of him wearing. I too want to add photo transfers on some of the squares. I thought it would be great if I had a picture of him wearing some of the clothes that I use in the quilt.

My dad loved clothes and saved clothes from way back when, so I had a bunch to choose. I miss my dad so very much and I thought this may be just one more way to feel close to him. He was not only my dad he was a great friend and someone who meant the world to me.

Lori, I know your brother will just love the quilt. I think it is a wonderful idea. Best of luck on your project.


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What a wonderful idea the quilt is. I'm sure this will be something that your brother will cherish. This project will also be very therapeutic for you, as it will give you many good memories to look back on with each stitch you take. Snnding a big (((((((Hug)))))))) your way!

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Somebody in the family is making quilts from my husband's clothes, too. I even included handkerchiefs and ties, the lady making them liked that. I sent three garbage bags full and she is going to make a bunch of them for family members.

Great idea. I am so glad you are doing it yourself, it will be healing.

Love, Margaret

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This is such a great idea... I may have to "steal" it... the only problem being my sewing skills leave ALOT TO BE DESIRED!! Do you have to make a large quilt??? I am thinking maybe just a small like 10 X 13 panel that could be framed.... any ideas??? Sharon

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hi, i love hearing from you as i lvoe to see you face and your daddy's. i feel the love.

sharon, i never sewed anything before i made my quitlts 10 years ago, except a button! SERIOUSLY! so if you get a basic book on quilting, find a pattern that you like. all you need is fabric, and scissors and templates, it's like something you could have done as a child. you can use a sewing machine to stich the patches together or you can do it by hand. it takes time. you can make any size you want!!! there are many many books out there on quilting! the only ting not to do unless you really want to struggle is applique, which is definitelay more challengin for non-sewer. but patchwork, piece of cake! realy, just takes time. i'm so glad you like my idea. please steal it! love lori

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