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Five for 3/9


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OK, I guess I will start the list today! :D

1) I am thankful I made it through yesterday and was able to maintain focus for most of the day on the wonderful memories I have from celebrating my mom's birthday with her over the years.

2) My big deadline is less than a week away and I just can't wait til the 15th gets here!

3) The snow has stopped in NY and the sun is shining brightly today.

4) I am leaving for Puerto Rico in 21 days!

5) All my friends here.

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Hmmm I posted today but, think I am a day behind. :oops: will add 5

more to catch up to date. :wink:

1. Being off work today.

2. American idol is on tonight.

3. My son Kevin made the school baseball team.

4. For all the wonderful memories my mom & dad and brother Art has left

me with.

5. My saint bernard Destiny is laying on my feet and keeping them warm.

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I guess I should start doing this - especially today when I really don't have the best attitude going (not sure what my problem is today, just grumpy) - huh?

1.) I finished sewing my summer robe (just in time for more snow)!

2.) I won the e-bay auction for a beautiful Sari I fell in love with! Got it for a great price!

3.) I'm still sucking wind!

4.) Got a wonderful e-mail from a cousin I lost touch with for a little while!

5.) My kitties are just having a dickens day & they are so precious! They really keep me laughing!

Hugs & prayers,


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1. Denise got through yest

2. Katie and Rick

3. I got in for a mamogram tomorrow instead of having to wait b/c I am freaking out

4. Bagels in lunch room

5. My mommy and daddy are meeting me tomrrow at breast center for apt.

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I'm a newbie at this to, so here goes!

1.) A healthy(rotten at times) family

2.) All the wonderful people here!(I don't know how I would've made it)

3.) Mom is in heaven (see you one day mommy!)

4.) A job in which I can make a diff. in peoples lives(a respiratory therapist)

5.) All my romance novel that I read to make the world go away when I'm not ready for it! :D

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