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Tarceva Not Working....Where to go next


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Ct Scan after 3 months of Tarceva showed signifacant growth in main tumor .Tarceva stopped and sent to research departmant for clinical trial options.Pretty sure will start new trial on the 14th of March. It is another oral medication taken once a week. Will know Friday for sure.

I am so glad there are so many new options available to us today but also facing the reality of this disease. The last 2 months have consisted of many many sleepless nights thinking the stupid thoughts of death and the grim reeperIt's time to get some final things in order...I have a 14 year old who will be an orphan at that point....his mom died 3 years ago. He is having some major problems dealing with his emotions at this point and the next few months will just get harder I think.

I am so greatful for this board and Rick and Katie and all the work they do. I dont post too much but do read everyday and am just amazed at the wonderful human beings that have found this sight and help me make it through one more day at a time. Thank You all for being here....

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I am sorry the Tarceva is not working. I hope you talk with your son about the future and what arrangements you are making. It will be comforting to him to know that no matter what happens he will be taken care of.

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you and your son will be in my prayers. Never loose your hope, always keep your faith. God has a plan for you! Jeremiah 29:11.

Would going out of state be an option for you? I'm praying for your doctors as well.

God is good!


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Hi Guy,

So glad that you posted, so we could send prayers out to you and your boy.

I pray you will be able to do this clinical trial and it works for you.

Where will you son go? Poor guy he must be so scared. I hope and pray you can help his fears by reasurring him he will be safe and in good hands if anything happens to his dad.

My heart goes out to you both.

Meditational prayers going out to you both.


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Hi WinsorCat,

You asked where to go next. Thoughts to help you brainstorm:

Why only 14 radiation treatments? Was the number of radiation treatments held down so you would still be eligible for surgery? If so, maybe surgery should be investigated.

I had about 30 daily radiation treatments to each cancer site. Pretty well killed the cancer, but I understand I probably could never be operated on in those areas. If your cancer is inoperable, maybe additional radiation treatments should be considered.

My experience has been that each specialist (surgery, radiation, chemo-therapy) seems to think their treatment is the ONLY one. Maybe other opinions need to be investigated.

You mention tumors (plural). Where are they? How big are they? If not much bigger than 1” (2.5cm) maybe radio-frequency ablation (RFA) is an option.

Look at the “Alternative & Complementary Therapies” posts. Read the posts back to the beginning. There are a lot of good nutrition ideas (but you need to weed out a lot of worthless and high dollar treatments). I believe some of the adjunct chemo ideas with prescription medicine; i.e., celebrex, and ranitidine (for heartburn) have some clinical study evidence showing they help the cancer fight. There seems to be some evidence that over the counter medicines like melatonin, fish oil, zinc, and selenium may also help. You need to do your own research on these and maybe add some of the antioxidants to your routine.

Is navelbine in the “carboplatin” group of drugs? How about investigating some of the other standard chemo-therapy drugs? I’m assuming you have non-small cell lung cancer. With small cell, I understand surgery is usually not an option and aggressive chemo-therapy is the standard treatment. I was reading something the other day (I think) that said many cancer cells begin to build up an immunity to most chemo-therapies after about 90 days. With as many chemo-drugs as they have on the market, maybe a patient could make it for a few years just switching to different drugs and who knows, maybe one will hit the jackpot!

Good luck in your fight.

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Guy: I am sorry the Tarceva did not work for you. Maybe you should try

Alitma next instead of a trial? I know it is especially tough for you and your son.. thinking about the possibility of dying. Maybe it would help your son if you involved him in the "what if" planning.

I wish you and your son the best and I hope that whatever you do next trial or alitma works.

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