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Lucie & Don


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This older couple named Lucie & Don were really having trouble with their memory.

So, they decided to go to their PCP to see if there was some kind of miracle pill that would help them remember.

Their Doc just told them it was very normal for a couple their age. But the best thing they could do to remember is to write things down. That way you won't forget.

So that evening when Lucie and Don were sitting in front of the TV, Don suddenly asked Lucie if she wanted an Ice Cream Sunday. Lucie said "ohyes with, vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge, whipped cream, wet nuts and a cherry". Don replied, "Lucie, you got it".

Don went into the kichen, a little while later he came out with bacon and eggs.

Lucie exclaimed, "DON I knew you should have written it down". Don said " why, what did if forget.....

Lucie looked at Don and said " You forgot the toast"

PS Lucie and Don, I hope you aren't offended that I used your names. Just couldn't resist it.... I figured it would give you a good chuckle


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