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Joels visit to the Endocrinologist today


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Hi and thanks everybody for your feedback.

Joels back pain is gone. So whatever it was it seems to have vanished. So one less thing to worry about.

Joel went to Endocrinologist today ( first time since first visit) and the latest results of his blood work on his thyroid was excellent, went from 20 to 5 ( whatever that means, but she was extremely please).

I could not wait for this appointment as I wanted so bad for this doctor to see Joel as himself, not that person who she saw the first time. He was so incoherent, talked in a whisper, lost 40 lbs and could hardly walk. This time he practicually ran into her office. She was so excited for him.

So he has to stop his present medication in about a week. Then his thyroid will become underactive wait about 2 weeks, at that time because his thyroid will be underactive, he will gain a lot of weight. She will then put him on a pill to make his underactive become normal.

Anyway, she gave him the go ahead to make an appointment ( with her husband) who is Joels Oncologist, so he could get his CT and then Chemo.

The only thing stopping him at this time is a damn tooth that is starting to give him trouble. Now I know when he goes to the dentist on Tues. that it will be the whole 9 yards. Root canal and crown. So this will take a little while.

I know he has to have this done before he can start treatments.

I just feel like, will he ever get to this chemo.

I have a question does anybody know, how much time you have from the operation to have chemo and for it to be effective. Is it not effective if you have to wait longer then necessary?



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Hi Cindi,

I don't know anyting about what they are going to do with the tooth.

What I am asking is if there is a time line for getting adjuntive chemo after the lung operation. It is now 3 months since operation, and there has been all the delimmas that has been pushing back this chemo. Iam just getting a little concerned that it will be too late for it to be effective.

I did put the question to ask the experts also.

thanks for your concern..... kisses to cutsy Luna...


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thanks, Maryanne.

I get it now...

good. they will be able to help you for sure. I do like that Dr. Cunningham. He is so nice. He answers questions on Sundays like oncodoc used to do. That is so sweet to take the time for us. And he seems so sincere and thoughtful in his answers to us. I like him.

Oh yeah! Kisses for Luna for sure! Isn't she just the most precious little thing? Her and all of her litter mates! Honestly..

She wants to tell you thanks for the kitty condo.. she passed out in there after an overdose of Ginny's catnip!!!

love, Cindi o'h

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