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Update on FIL

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My FIL has been in "in-house" hospice care for a few days now. He would go through phases of confusion to pure clarity. He's been cracking jokes with the nurses and visiting friends alternating with deep sleep.

His doctor just informed us that he "is ready to go". His lungs are filling with fluid and he is no longer eating or drinking.

Thanks for your support.


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I am so sorry for what you are going through. It sounds as if you are all enjoying spending quality time with your father in law, and he sounds like quite a character.... still able to make jokes with the nurses. May God keep him safe.... Love, Sharon

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I am so sad about this. I am so sorry about this. the pain seems undelieveable right now.

without upsetting you, when mom and dad passed in the few minutes after they went, a feeling of "its over" came over me and grief replaced unending fear. It wasn't that it was a better feeling, but worry was all gone in just a second and the end was calm.

my prayers are with your family

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