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Back from NY

Lisa O

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My mom had the needle biopsy. Her lung did collapse which required a chest tube. When they removed it, her lung collapsed again, so they replaced it. She is still in the hospital and in a great deal of pain. We still do not have any results.

I am feeling a bit discouraged and quite a bit worried. :cry:

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Oh, Lisa...I'm so sorry your mom is having a tough time of it. Know it's got to be hard on you too. I'll continue to send all good thoughts and vibes her way for things to start going in a better direction and for her to be feeling much better, very soon!

Let us know how things go....

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I'm so sorry to hear that! My lung particially collapsed after my needle biopsy too, and it is quite painful, but mine only lasted a few hours and then fixed itself. Hopefully, your mom's will recover quickly and she can return home.

The good news is that even though she has had this setback, it is not preventing them from moving forward with the results of the biopsy and you should know something pretty soon. I pray for the best.

My thoughts are with you both,


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Dear Lisa,

It sounds all too familiar. As I think I told you, Len's lung collapsed as they withdrew the biopsy needle and he ended up staying in hospital. Not even inserting a wider tube to inflate the lung worked; the wretched thing insisted on NOT reinflating. Tell your mom to just take all her pain meds and not get discouraged. It will reinflate in time. Len's did -- the morning of his lobectomy a whole week later, so it was moot.

But in the meantime, they went ahead and did everything they needed to do presurgically (except for the PET scan -- and that was because Len is exceedingly claustrophobic and panicked halfway through and they had to end it then and there....I had TOLD THEM SO and they didn't get the order for mega tranquilizers before the scan which would have been so easy to do). All the other tests (broncoscopy, breathing function tests, echocardiagram and I've probably forgotten what else) were done with the chest tube still in there, and they decided on surgery which was performed, successfully, one week after the biopsy.

I hope that your mother's lung proves less obstructive and reinflates itself. Len had no such problems after the surgery -- his lung sealed itself by Thursday morning (after Monday surgery) and they removed all the drainage tubes the following day, so the fact that her lung collapsed once doesn't mean that it's bound to happen again.

Keep us up to date and don't worry any more than you can help (oh, yeah, that's going to happen....). We're thinking of you and her and plugging for you both.


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Thanks everyone for you comforting words and well wishes. My mom's lung has not reinflated yet so she still has the chest tube. Unfortunately, the biopsy was "inconclusive". I suppose it is reassuring that it did not show a malignancy but it would be better to have a definitive benign diagnosis. She is going to discuss the next step wtih her surgeon from Michigan when she gets back.

Thanks again for the support.


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