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Question about WBR


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I have noticed that most people who get whole brain radiation are prescribed a steroid. Are the steroids something that you should automatically get or do you only get them if you start having side effects from the radiation? My mom started WBR yesterday and she is not on steroids and I wonder if she should be.

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My Mom had WBR, & I have had Gamma Knife. I was under the impression that it was standard to give the steroids to keep the brain from swelling & to alleviate the side effects. Both of the procedures in my experience were preceeded by the steroids & were tapered back after the treatments were completed.

Good luck & my prayers are with you.


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Hi Jackson,

I too had Stereotactic, not WBR. I was given steroids prior

to surgery and treatment. I was given decadron to halt the

dizziness and nausea and minimize swelling before surgery.

It was NSCLC. Not sure about SCLC. Maybe post the question

in Ask the Experts.

God Bless and prayers,


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Humm, seems like we are "odd man out" here and wondering why. Steve has never had steroids (except just recently started steroid eyedrops to deal with radiation retinopathy). Does make me wonder why he never got steroids with his WBR and if it could have had any impact on how difficult the treatment was on him.

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I have had two gamma knife procedures and WBR. For the first gamma knire procedure, the doctors prescribed steriods because there was a small amount of edema surrounding the lesion although I was completely asymptomatic (sp?). For the second gamma knife, I was given steriods immediately following the procedure via IV and none thereafter. For the whole brain I was told that I could try to work with advil instead of steriods. I chose this path and end up in the emergency room on the first night of treatment with a severe headache. Needless to say, I was put on steriods for the next six weeks. It is always good to question. At least then you have information to make an informed decision. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I wish you luck with the WBR.--------------


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