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Now have (3) family members with Lung Cancer


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Hi All,

Just found out that my husbands Uncle has lung cancer; just diagnosed. The symptoms came on so quick and he is doing so awful that hospice is now taking care of him. The doctors predict 2 months max. This just sucks. First my dad, then my husbands dad, now his uncle all at the same time? I'm losing my faith; why is life so unfair?


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Hi KitKathy,

I'm so very sorry for your family. I'm the third in my family. I just can't imagine what this is doing to my sister. It's bad enough to be the person with the disease but I know firsthand how you feel from going through it with my Mom & Dad. That really was worse than going through it myself. I pray that God give you the strength to get through this.


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I too am sorry. I had both mom and dad with LC and the day we burried dad my sister was dx.'d with breast cancer.

It isn't fair. and it IS overwhelming. there is no way out other than through it.

Your stronger than you know already. I too doubted faith and still do sometimes.

Rely on yourself and your husband right now.

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