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I wrote an email to my family and friends, it took me about 40 minutes to type it all out, somehow when I clicked send it disappeared into cyber space and nobody received it...So I have to retype and you know what a fast typist I am :oops:, just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten...

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If nothing else we sure are going to have a variety of recipes. John had a craving for these pickled eggs they used to sell at the local bar when we lived in PA so he wrote a friend for the recipe. I'll send it to you...I am sure THAT will sell the book!

And speaking of the book...this is what I plan on giving everyone for Christmas so I hope it will be available by then. :lol:

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Bumpity boop since I am caught up with you..............I take each recipe and cut and paste it in Word documents depending if it is an entree, side dish, etc............so I am up to date and need more now! :)

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Now I know your mom was an incredible cook...how about sending in some of her recipes for the cookbook? I can remember talking to her in chat and she would be making dinner at the same time....she had dishes I'd never even heard of...

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Mom was a good meat and potato cook for sure and sauces. mmmmm.

Okay I wll do it for sure! When is the deadline? I will add some of my recipes and some I took from Mom and then some of hers!!

I am also going to get a book of Mom's this children's book she wrote in college, and try to publish it to give money to LC also!

Andrea is my constant inspiration.


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