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If you donate, I will match you......


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Hi. I will post what we raised so far tomorrow, Katie sent it to me but I am still working and don't have time to calculate it yet.

Thanks again to everyone for their donations! It is much appreciated!

And just for the record, stop thanking me because really the reason I did this was so I can contribute in some way since I kind of need to take a step back from the everyday posting and news or I will need to be removed from my apartment in a straight jacket b/c for some reason I am struggling with all of this lately. :)

So thanks to all of you!!

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Katie now has my payment of $500 :)

So far total donations from all of you wonderful people--$629.41

Even though my match is met, please still feel free to donate :):):):) Nonprofit organizations need money to survive!

Thank you everyone!

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If I use Paypal to donate, does it make cents ;)

to add the .30 + 2% on to cover the charge or not, they would just reapply it, right.

OK, rereading this, it is an airheaded question, but I'm going to post it anyway. :oops:

In His care,


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I just dontated $200.00 when we were in Texas last Saturday, but I didn't know you had your boom boom's up for action or on display, or what do you call this? Well, for what it's worth, you can take my $200.00 and put one Hundred on one Breast and the other hundred on the other breast. What ever works!!


Your brain is always working overtime! Your tooo tooooo cool! Maybe we could use that part of your body the next time around!! :P:wink:

Love & Hugs,

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