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Blood in urine?


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My dad is hospitalized right now for severe dehydration and congestion in his lung. (I have posted over on the family member board if you want to know the complete story, not sure how to link it). Evidently they found blood in his pajamas yesterday and ran some tests. The urine came back positive for blood. The abdominal scan hasn't came back yet (as far as I know, we live in separate states). His girlfriend told me that he had been complaining of pain during urination for a few months now (he never told me, nor did she). Does anyone make anything of this? He just had his third round of taxol/carboplatin a couple weeks ago, which we think is the cause for the sickness. Any ideas would be appreciated. Of course, our fear is that the cancer has spread.

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Dear Amy,

I'm sorry for the difficulties you & your Father are going through. It's hard enough to be right there & available but to go through it long distance can make you downright batty. Please know that you are both in my prayers. He's in the best place right now. In the hospital where they can re-hydrate him & keep him comfortable on meds till they can find out what all is going on. Keep your chin up. I know how hard that can be & how you can feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you. Especially when you've got someone you care so much about who didn't bother you with their health issues.

Just wanted you to know, I'm out here praying for & with you both.


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Amy, blood in the urine should be investigated right away. It can be many things, including infection in bladder/prostate/kidneys, stones in the kidneys, abdominal bleeding, etc. The doc needs to trace it down and determine where the internal bleeding is coming from.

I just had blood in my urine recently and it was traced back to radiation damage from prostate cancer treatment years ago. Also, I learned whenever there is blood in the urine, if you are taking aspirin or any blood thinner -- stop it immediately -- because it could interfere with the healing.

Good luck. Don

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