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Survived the Roller Coaster Ride


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Yesterday I had a mediastinumoscopy to biopsy a lymph node that had shown up in the center of my chest during a pet scan. When the surgeon got in there he could not locate a lymph node. Instead he found a mass of scar tissue from where he biopsied lymph nodes previously during my lung surgery. He took several tissue samples from the area that lit up and several more from the surrounding areas, and all were negative for cancer. The surgeon and the radiologist now believe the positive reading on the pet scan was nothing but inflamed scar tissue.

I feel like I dodged a big bullet. While the mediastinumoscopy was no fun, I lost 600cc's of blood so they made me spend the night in the hospital, I sure was happy about the results. I want to thank all of you for sending positive thoughts. My prayers were certainly answered.


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