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Hi Everyone,

I am in the process of looking into starting up a cancer support group in my area as there is not one for probably 20 miles and I live in a heavily populated area. I have never done anything like this so I am going to wing it. I contacted the American Cancer Society and they had no information on starting one up the lady on the other end of the phone just gave me some pointers, but said she had never done anything like it either. I have not had very good response from the ACS as this is about the third time I have contacted them about differnt things.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it, I guess the first thing I will do is find a place to hold it and then print flyers.

Again, any suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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It's the same thing where I live, no support group.

I have to travel 50miles to the closest one. I called

ACS and no response either. I want to start the group

through my local hospital. Maybe we can share ideas

as we venture out, we can use Tammy's idea too...

God Bless and prayers


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Thanks for the responses guys. Karen I will be glad to pass along any info or ideas I get or input. I am in the very early stages of it and not knowing what I am doing slows me down even more. I have contacted ALCASE and will let you know if they give me any ideas.

I will keep you posted.

Take Care,


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I would suggest contacting your local hospital or oncology center. They can put you in touch with the facilities social worker(s) who can help you organize a support group.

You can go it alone, but it is better to have it in a facility where you can leave information about the group and have the support of a qualified social worker.

Information that you distribute at your group can come from a number of places. LCSC has some printable print outs that you can have at your groups and I know that lungcanceronline has educational materials that you can print out as well.

It has always been our position here that one of the best ways you can make a difference in your "live" community is to do this. Organize a local support group for those folks who aren't online, and also to volunteer with your local oncology centers by distributing materials (LCSC or other lung cancer related materials) or even donating your time, volunteering to drive or just visit with people who are alone during chemotherapy or something as simple as donating magazines and videos to your chemotherapy centers.

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