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update on Gram/and me whining

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Well, things sure are tough. When my Gram was diagnosed in December she chose no treatment. We are now nearing the end. The hospice nurse thinks it will be in the next couple days. This is killing me. She has huge nodes all over and it has spread into the bone all over. She is on major pain meds but they are not doing it. We are giving her the max without killing her and she is still in awful pain. :cry: The hospice nurse said she has not had someone with such bad uncontrolable pain. The priest from church is coming tomorrow to give her her last rights and I am just praying for this all to end. She is the 3rd member of my family to die of cancer and it just seems to get worse each time. The nurse offered to put her in the hospital but she is still able to answer for herself and she said no, so we are just doing the best we can. anyway that's all for now . Thanks for listening.

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I am so sorry that your Gram is in so much pain. It must be so difficult for you to watch this too. But if your Gram doesn't want to go to the hospital, the best you can do is be there for your Gram as you have been, hard as it is.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your Gram.

Gail P-M

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I just don't understand this when I hear that pain can't be controlled. It really, really upsets me - a lot!! Even though your sweet Gram doesn't have much time left, isn't there anyone else that can be called in to do something to get rid of the pain? It shouldn't have to be this way. When my dad was dying, they gave him shots of morphine every 15 minutes. Somebody needs to be raising their voice louder and get your Gram some relief.

Lisa, I know that sounded angry, and I certainly hope I didn't make it harder for you. My heart aches for you. I've been through this several times, and I know how hard it is and I know how much it hurts you, too.

Hang in there, honey. I will pray for you and your Gram.



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I am so sorry your gram is in such awful pain. I pray for her to be out of her misery and be in a much better and pain free place.

I also pray for strength for you as you are so scared and feel so helpless.

You are a wonderful daughter, You mom is so lucky to have you by her side. That will make things easier during her transisiton. She will be with her love ones who passed before her. She will be at peace and free of that sick, diseased body. She will be feeling wonderful and free.

I pray for peace for her and strength for you who is carrying a big burden on your shoulders.

Please take care of yourself also,


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I am thinking of you both today. Maybe the nurse can give her a shot while she is there, even a few hours of relief is a good thing. You have been through so much. She is so lucky to have you to help her. Soon she will be out of this physical world and those troubles will be over. It could be as the end draws close she will no longer feel the pain.

Just in case - they gave my husband last rites after he was already gone, so if the priest is late, it is still okay for her. Come back here as often as you need.

Love, Margaret

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Lisa, I am so very sorry to hear that Gram lost her battle. But God bless her, she did it "her way" right to the end. She wanted to be home and you allowed her that right... What a wonderful grand daughter you are. I am glad you were with her, I hope she left this world peacefully and she is now finally without pain at rest. Love, Sharon

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Dear Lisa,

I know nothing I say will fix this for you. I'm so sorry dear. Just know that she has all the peace, joy, health & beauty in the universe now. I just know that she is smiling on you now & hoping to ease your suffering just as you did hers before she passed. May God give you the strength you need to get through this time.

Hugs & prayers,


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