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Here's the plan . . .


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We met with the primary onc this afternoon.

He is not anxious for hubby to get the pericardial effusion drained or windowed since he is asymptomatic. Since even just the needle draining is an invasive procedure and the window procedure is "surgery", he just doesn't want him to have it done if it isn't necessary.

He agrees with the radiation onc that the effusion probably is malignant, but it isn't causing problems or causing any spread of the disease. He did order an echocardiogram (or echo doplar?) which will be done in 2 weeks to see if the effusion is causing any constriction to the heart and will make a final decision at that time.

He agrees with the radiation oncologist that nothing additional should be done to his brain unless symptoms develop or the next MRI shows more significant growth or new mets. He still just has the four mets. He said there is just a limit to what can be done to the brain without causing really big problems. He did agree that Novalis (stereotactic) can be done to the same mets again, but it would for sure be the last time, so it's better to wait.

He sees absolutely no new growth in the chest, adrenal glands, liver, etc. What was there is still there, but it's stable, other than the pericardial effusion.

He did order a PET scan, also in two weeks to see what's going on with the bone mets. The CT keeps saying extensive, and hubby has had a little discomfort here and there. He said a CT just doesn't give a clear enough picture of the bones, so he ordered the PET.

We will not switch to Tarceva at this time, but stick with the Iressa since there is no new growth.

We are happy, and hubby is very happy. As soon as we get past this crappy winter weather (2" of snow tonight - yuck), he will have the wind in his face on that 750 lb. motorcycle which has new parts, is clean, polished and shiny. Yahoo!!

Love to all and thank you for your prayers and your friendship!


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Glad to hear there is a plan. It's also nice to see hubby's docs are working together and are on the "same page." Sounds like the "watchful" approach rather than invasive. They'll "treat" when and if needed.

Sounds like you and husband are content with the plan ---

Have a great weekend. That snow will stop one day.

Gail p-m

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Hi Peggy,

You guys seem to be feeling pretty good. I am so glad for that.

I pray all works out for him.

I am also looking forward to the spring. It is so cold here right now. But they did give us a break last Monday, it was actually 70 degress. People were walking around without a coat on. Then the next day was so cold and windy, it almost broke a record!! Go figure,

Enjoy the motorcycle rides. I think everyone here (who has winter) will be feeling so rejuvinated once spring really hits.

Can't wait,

Thinking of you and so glad everything is stable.


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Overall, this doesn't sound too bad. In fact , it sounds pretty good. It sounds like you have some good common sense doctors. Will be hoping for that Pet scan to be good in 2 weeks and that the weather will break so hubby can get that bike out. Take care and know that prayers are going up for you daily.



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Your post sounds positive; plan in place, expecting the best and pacing yourself until that spring ride! Oh how I envy you, Bill's scared to get back on his bike. I'm glad that you have things in check and seem to feel good about it! Your attitude just keeps going and going and going....amazing! As always, you and Don are in my prayers.


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