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Abdomanal mass? Any experience?


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I have had my CT Monday which was NED, but the prelim on my PET is there is an abdomanal mass. Wont know details or have report until Monday.

Experience w/ abdomanal masses? If its mets and its not on an organ how does an abdomanl mass anchor itself and grow?

I know PET can also show inflamation, infection etc... not always cancer, but this is large, distinct in shape and very hot. Not on an organ so during test, we couldnt figure out what the non cancerous reason could be for this finding. For example, I was hot 5 pets ago on the spine, it was disc inflamation, had a hot node on one pet that was my cystic ovarian disease. But this Hot spot is just in the abdomen not on an organ.

Hoping it something else, but of course very worried.



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Hi Jen

This probably has nothing to do with your situation, but I have had a few abdominal masses show up. Mine are pretty much just infection that grows and grows. I have had this happen 8 or so times since 96. The drs have no reason for it, just lots of speculation. They present themselves on me in my tummy and usually try to come out thru a old insision from c-sections. I have had to have surgery 3 times to get it out, other times it went away on its on. But YES there can be a mass of infection and other things that are totally unrelated to cancer. Oh and the "hot" part, my tummy can get so hot from the infection you cannot even touch it. I know you were speakaing of lighting up on the pet scan as hot, but just wanted to throw that in.

Another thing that comes to mind is cellulitus which is inflamed cellulite, that also shows as a mass and is very common in the abdomin, or so the drs say.

Good luck and let us know on Monday what they fiind, I am sure its nothing serious and I will pray for just that.

God Bless


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I can not imagine how scary it is just waiting til Mon.!

The techs usually will not tell you anything when they see it on the scans. I know tho if you work at the facility they are a bit less strict!!

I always ask to see mine after I am done. Most of them let me and usually answer questions, hopefully it is nothing at all


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