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PCI Side Effects?


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I've done 14 out of 15 days of my PCI treatments and tapered off of the decadron. The past few days, I've felt very tired and nauseous, with a feeling of pressure in my head. Has anyone else experienced similar side effects from PCI? I'm hoping it all goes away soon, as Monday will be my last day of treatment. Thanks for the input!

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H Beverly,

I had 20 pci treatments - finished end of November. I too tapered off the Decadron and felt the same way you are feeling. They put me back on the Decadron (8 mgs a day) for about two weeks after radiation ended and then I tapered off again. Really worked. I am still having some minor vision and balance issues but it seems to be getting better. Just hang in there - it will get better. My hair is even starting to come back in! Let me know if you have any other questions (not that I am expert but I have "been there".


Nancy B

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Hi Bev,

I'm right there with you on this one. Today will be day 14 of 20 for me. As of the last few days, I've begun to feel pretty much precisely as you have said - weary, nauseous and pressure in my head (i.e., headaches, although not severe) - plus the hair is now starting to abandon ship pretty rapidly and my scalp and forehead are feeling a bit irritated (like sunburn...). I am on decadron twice a day. I started out once a day with it and missed one day and was stricken with a very severe headache (it was a Sunday and I just got my med schedule mixed up...) for about 24 hours, so I'm pretty willing to stay on the decadron for now, but looking forward to the end of the treatments and the drugs. I've kept in close contact with my radiation oncologist and he has assured me that this is all to be expected and that these reactions are very temporary. I've also had some reaction to the decadron, huge apatite and mood swings (which, keeping in mind that its the steroid, are controllable although annoying). Hope you are feeling much better soon and glad to hear that you're getting off the decadron! I'll be interested to know how your symptoms progress.

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Thanks for all your input. I am not so worried about the symptoms now. Today I woke up feeling better than the last 2 days, Im sure it was because I had no treatments over the weekend. Well I had my last one today. And yes over the weekend what was left of my hair all fell out except for one thick patch on the back of my head. It looks really weird, I think I'll keep it for a while then shave my whole head when the tenderness goes away. Start fresh with a clean head. I had asked the nurse at the radiaton center if my nausea could be caused from the radiation, she didnt think so but anything could be possible. So I am glad to hear that others have also had the same symptoms. So I am done with all treatments for now. Next ct in May. I am so looking forward to going back to work April 1st. Also spring is coming to warm our weary bones.. Wish you all the best thanks Bev

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