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What happened to Dr. Joe?


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Since I have some time on my hands here today I have been reviewing posts that go back a ways. I have been here since Jan. so I thought I would get caught up on some of you to get to know you more personally.

I see many posts from the Doctor Joe who is an Oncologist. He seems to have helped so many people and is so concerned and sympathtic towards peoples feelings.

I have not seen a post from him since I have been on? Does anyone know what happened to him?

Just curious.


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Hi Maryanne,

Dr. Joe, unfortunately, very unfortunately, resigned from the board due to I think someone insulting him. Despite many,many people begging him to stay, he felt it best to go. It was a very sad thing. He did nothing but good for us, but there are some awful people in the world. Oh well, at this point we do have the Ask the Experts who are also good. I really hated to see him go :cry:


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Hi Maryanne.

When I recall Dr. Joe's first post, he was asking us in a sweet and humble way if it was all right with us that he join our community. He said that he wanted to learn from us. Now this is a man who heads up the onc. department of lc where he works. A young man whose heart is in his work...some said too much heart. That is beside the point. He initially was asking us how we felt in certain situations. However, in no time at all, he became our resident doc. I don't think that those were his intentions ...to take on the second opinions of this board. But he continued to burn the midnight and Sunday oil here, answering beutifully our questions and calming our fears.

There were some very sharp words spoken directed at Joe from the husband of a survivor. Very mean and misdirected anger lashing out a helping hand. (wounded coyote).

I don't blame doc for leaving at all. In fact, I am surprised that he stayed for as long as he did. We all (most all) grew to admire him and to love him. He is a darling man with a huge heart. And what is wrong with that.

Pray for Joe. That his life was somehow enriched by being here for those short months. We love him and wish him and all he has contact with nothing but goodness.

these are my thoughts on the subject. It is my understanding that the man who attacked Joe has been hung up by his thumbs and whipped with wet eggnoodles...just kidding. Actually, if I gather what I have heard from thither and yon, he has been banned from this website by administration.

love, Cindi o'h

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Wow, I had no idea, thank you for your responses and especally to you Katie who sent me the Hall Pass link.

That is a real shame for everyone. It seemed like he was really helpful. For all the people who really learned from him, it is a pity that he would let one person allow him to make a decision like that. It must have really got to him.

I am sorry I did not get to meet this caring man, who seem to do nothing but want to help people.

But then again maybe it was time for him to move on anyway.


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