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5 for 3/13, send me away for a day...


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Gee, you send me away for a day of R & R with the hubby & there's no 5?

After my little retreat, I'm going to have a hard time limiting this one to 5!

1.) My husband's sweet smile of forgetting "if only for a day".

2.) The first hotel bed I've EVER slept on that made me wish I had that mattress. Totally luxurious!

3.) A sinfully delicious dinner.

4.) Jacuzzi tubs & bath salts.

5.) Feeling so feminine & whole "if only for a day".


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today I am grateful for...

1. good neighbors who without question are there for me.

2. little Luna...what a bright spot!

3. St. Paddy's day..who invented that?

4. Montana Mom's weekly phone calls. She understands.

5. Melanie's much deserved weekend away!! And Melanie's sweet post regarding Luna! I am glad that you enjoy her too.

Cindi o'h

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Yep, I forgot too Melanie, I'm sorry. Very glad you had a great time.

1. A Radio Shack employee who got my battery right after 2 other stores couldn't do it.

2. Breakfast with my daughter's family.

3. The Wee Bit of Irish show last night

4. Finally figuring out how to put the third leaf in the dining room table.

5. Spaghetti sauce from Trader Joes. Yummy

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Sunday, 3/13/05

1) Being able to get movie tickets online...

2) Someone tall doing paint touch ups so I don't have to climb a ladder

3) Finding this site when I was reeling from terror (Hope)

4) Somehow finding the words to type when there is nothing to say (Faith)

5) Love

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