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oh sharyn! not at all. your post did not hurt my feelings in any way. in fact i love to hear from you and i love the picture of you and your father. sadly we have no pictures or me and my dad as of late; my brother, the family photographer stopped taking them when dad started to get really sick.. anyway, what i mean to say is that you in no way hurt my feelings. in fact, i also post on yahoo grief message board (i'm a bit of a message board support group junkie these days i'm afraid) and that's really where i got more posts. i was actually sort of surprised that more people didn't seem to want more help; i was even thinking of looking into starting a non-profit to provide help and services for grievers as i felt the need and wondered if anyone else did. so you are very sweet to write to me again and thank you, and no no no you did not hurt anyone in fact you made me SMILE with your comment about never wanting to leave some camp!!! okay! thanks, sharyn, you are lovely. Love, Lori

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