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5 for 3/14


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1.) The shadowed sillouette of the tree outside the bedroom window that reflected on the wall of my first apartment with my husband. It never failed to bring a smile to my face.

2.) A hot cup of coffee while I watched the sunrise.

3.) One of my dwarf frogs is hitching a ride on the tail of the biggest goldfish - what a goof!

4.) Being retired at age 44! I'll never have to build another engine!

5.) Listening to my hubbies "wake-up sounds" he'll soon be in to hug me!


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1. A husband with a great personality and a super sense of humor;

2. A loving cat who sleeps snuggled into me;

3. A bird sitting outside my window calling me this morning;

4. Time to relax for the first time in over a week!

5. All five from yesterday, including and especially my children

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1. My daughter Katie is feeling better from the flu bug.

2. Watching the dogs play with the kittens.

3. Going to watch my son Kevin's baseball practice tonight.

4. For windex { saint bernard slobber } :wink:

5. My neighbor Joe for being such a awesome neighbor and someone you

can always count on.

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1. For all the good results that LCSC will get today and in the coming days.

2. A flexible work schedule.

3. An awesome, understanding, and giving husband (in spite of all he's been through)

4. Warm weather

5. Brushing (and petting) my dogs and petting my cat.

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1. My 4 month old slept threw the night last night

2. My student worker who brought me my fave starbucks hot chocolate

3. Finding this forum, to talk to others going through what I am and will be.

4. My hubbys lunch break phone call, he always cheers me up.

5. Only 20 more minutes to work then I can go home to my hubby and daughter, and go see my mom.

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1. The 2 painters and the rug measurer all showed up at my new house at the times they were supposed to, I know unheard of.

2. Spending 3 hours at my new house

3. Hearing from an old friend.

4. A phone call from my 3 year old granddaughter just to say Hi, Meme.

5. That Dave C. has no brain tumors.

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1) Dave C has no brain tumors

2) Hubby's famous 'psgetti for dinner - homemade sauce with a secret ingredient

3) Began a new job today, back to full time

4) Kleenex - have a runny icky nose and sneezing my darn head off all day

5) A good kid, a really good kid.

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Today I am thankful for:

1. Snowflake's new fulltime job.

2. David C has no brain mets.

3. New, very scared people are finding our web site and finding hope.

4. Enough money to pay our bills tomorrow.

5. Getting a refund from the IRS. (Did I already do that one?)

Lots to be thankful for. This is very therapeutic.



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