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Remembering Dave

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CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? WE FINALLY CAUGHT A BREAK! Dave had his third every six weeks brain MRI this morning and the neurosurgeon pointed out how the lima beans are back to peas again with MUCH less edema so he is SURE that Dave doesn't have brain tumors, just radiation damage which is improving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was so so afraid that since he had other mets these would turn out to be brain mets, but as our resident poet Ginny said: " more mets does not brain mets make" or something like that and she was right!!

thank you each and every one of you for your prayers and support!!!

Ha, which makes me almost forget our weekly run to the ER. Dave had EXCRUIATING pain in both knees overnight Saturday so early Sunday morning we went to the ER. this time we got a physician's assistant who pretty much told me off for bringing him in there. Her tone, and almost her words: "your husband has cancer so of course he'll have pain, quit bringing him in there every time he has pain, take your oxycontin and your percoset and stay out of my ER." As you can imagine I let her have it big time. I told her that every REAL DOCTOR who has seen Dave in that ER has told us that BECAUSE he has cancer, to NEVER HESITATE to bring him in for anything, including pain or anything that scares us. They gave him a shot of something in his butt for the pain and did xrays of his lower spine down to his knees and nothing showed up - including the bone mets we know about - so if he does have small mets in the knees they wouldn't have showed up on an xray anyway but at least we know there's nothing else wrong in there. and as the day went on his pain got much better.

we were supposed to meet with our real estate agent Sunday morning about lowering the price of the house and having an open house this coming weekend, so I called him and had him meet with us in the ER instead of at our house, which I think was a little freaky for him (he's a lung cancer survivor himself) but he came and we accomplished alot. Open house this weekend - come on you buyers, BUY!

that's the report from Chapman Acres!


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Blessings...........Grace............and Good News.

RE: ER Doc..........They can't all be good...............50% of the doctors graduated in the bottom 50% of their classes!!

Hopefully you won't meet another dud for a while. I think most of them really really try to care for us.

Pat and Brian

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Dave and Karen,

Yeah! :lol: Isn't it amazing how a little good news can go a loooong way! So glad to hear that Dave is in the empty head club. One less thing to worry about. Now, on with the fight!

Hoping that buyer walks through your door on Saturday and the house is sold on Sunday!


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Karen and David,

I am so happy for you. This is WONDERFUL news!!! Sorry about your ER experience.. Guess it takes all kinds, but that's totally unnecessary. I would have to report that kind of treatment. The fact is, if it's not reported, they will continue to treat others the same way.

Best of luck with the selling of the house.

Yesssssssss!!! this was indeed great news, Chapmans. It made my day.


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Excellent news there!!! Isn't your trip coming up too?

Speaking of ER docs--one did not want to give me an Xray after a bad fall--and the pain reminded me of childbirth--because he didn't want to expose me to "unnecessary radiation" I told him to give me the xray, and have not set foot in that hospital since.


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Dave and Karen-

A WIN! I am doing the happy dance up here in sunny but cold NJ. I hope that the open house next weekend goes well and I am doing the happy dance again next Monday.

Seriously, the three of you are in my thoughts and prayers always. You have been through alot and the WIN must feel great.


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Well Chapmans, the tide has turned. The lima beans have become peas and the house on the river shall become someone else's.

It is difficult to leave the house of your dreams. You know I am going through that right now. But Karen, you will come to realize, as I have, that joy is in the heart, not in the living room. Your lives will be so much easier if you are closer to town and work and doctors and day care and, oh, I hope you will be closer to the mall.

Welcome to the EHC Dave.

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Karen and David-

I had no idea! I've been so wrapped up in my own self pitty and depression. Kyle also has the flu and strep throat, he went to vomit this weekend and all I could do was slide down the wall and pat his back because of my damn breathing. Made me feel worthless as a Mother.

I had no idea you were back at the ER, plus that Physician Assistant needs her *ss kicked! Bet I could have gotten the energy to take her *ss on! Don't come in he has cancer and will have pain........my fat *ss! Either give us the meds at home to stick ourselves with and the IV's to hook up if we need them or expect us there asking for help when necessary. Stupid!

Glad you are dropping the price on the house, hope you get a contract this weekend. Let me know if ya'll wanna come hang out on the couch. We got seasons passes to Kings Dominion and it opens this weekend, promisied the kids we would go Saturday, gotta dust off Granma's old wheelchair to ride in! haha, I get to ride all day!

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