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Pattie: Any news today on Frank?


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OK Frank me five, do you know how hard it is do keep these women at bay. We have all we can do to hold the fort. What is you secret? This is a state of emergency. Did I tell you I have a very weak heart. Prayers all is well and you will be back soon. I really do miss you. Rich

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Me 11, I wanted to be a 10 but I guess that's out of the question. I've been waiting for your return too. Please get in touch. I'm getting laryngytis from praying out loud for too, too long.

This board is missing your good advice and humour.


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Making it a dozen!

Frank??? Connie??? Pattie???

What??? You want us to beg? I can do that. Please, please, we are begging for an update. We want to hear some good news about you Frank, but we'd prefer to hear it from you personally. Get back here soon.

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