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Oh Crud... I'm such a Goober!!!


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Hi All,

I think I'm going to have to make a BIG stretch to find my 5 today! I not only didn't sleep one wink last night but I just now ran 2 stitches through my left index finger doggone it! I'm in the middle of sewing one of Greg's birthday gifts. He wants a Cleveland Brown's bath robe. So here I am all sleep deprived with no clue as to why I can't sleep, but bored out of my tree. So I figure the only intelligent thing to do is operate machinery on zero sleep. CRUD!!! Now I'm sure I won't get the robe done before his birthday (3/23) because this finger is really going to be hurting, but now I also have to go buy more fabric in order to complete it because I've got blood all over it! CRUD!!! You know, sometimes I really have to wonder about myself.

Greg is going to lose his mind when he sees my finger. AWW CRUD!!! I'M SUCH A GOOBER! Ok, I'm going to have to find a reason to laugh about this after it stops throbbing. You think?

Talk to you all after I figure out my 5,


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A reason to laugh? Now you know why doctors sew stitches by hand and don't have sewing machines in the ER...I'm SURE a machine would save time, but....

Only two stitches? What part of the robe was your subconscious mind sewing your hand to? Were you going to be goosing him non-stop?

You didn't hit the bone (I'm not sure if you ran into any nerves or other important things besides skin...hope it was just a graze and an owie).

You bled - you're alive and you bled and felt pain. Sometimes, that is a good thing, a reminder that you are on this side of the grass - and any day you wake up on this side of the grass is a good day.

Take care, Melanie. You found your five, and by this evening, you should have more to add...sometimes the perspective is a bit off when trying to focus.

P.S. MAN, that had to HURT! Hope you're popping something for "inflammation" to keep the throbbing down...

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