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Bless your heart.

We're doing good. Learning about each otherand figuring out our routines. Carolyn is absolutely amazing... She's just such a miracle.

My folks are delighted and can't wait to see her. Just a littleover a month for that.

She's a fussin now, but we're doing great, and I thank you for asking! Thinking of you all. Will check in more when I figure this mommy stuff out a little more.

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I'm so very happy for you. I hope you don't mind sharing your little blessing with us. You are both a very important part of our world. I know in the time to come, we'll all feel like such a big part of your beautiful family & that is such a great thing to share!

May God bless your little hearts!



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Hi Val,

So glad you posted. Congratulations on baby Carolyn Helen. Helen is my moms name.

Like Ry, I envy you with a baby, to see that miracle, and I love the smell of babies. Darn, been so long for me. My kids are 29 and 31, no SO, I feel like I will never be a grandma.

Enjoy her and the only advise I can give you is to take videos of her growing up. They did not have that when my kids were little. I would love to have that for all those precious memories.

I hope your mom is feeling better. I bet she can't wait to see her granddaughter. If I remember correctly, you name her after your mom?

Enjoy, keep us posted and hopefully soon you will change your pic on here from the a belly to Carolyn and mommy.

take care


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Congratulations on being Caryolyn's mommy. What a privilege! I'm an truely happy for you and it's so nice to have this kind of news published on our web site.

Best of luck to you and your family. You are indeed blessed!

Hugs to you all,


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